Helping my person out…

S’up guys? It’s me, Chase the Cat, back from my near death experience. Check it out:

I hear chicks dig scars, so maybe I ought to take advantage of this while I can. Of course, being neutered and all might put a little damper on the fun, but a guy’s gotta try, right?

Anyhoo, Mel has been beyond swamped lately. I mean between saving my life (which, by the way, I’m very grateful for), planning the science activity night at school, extra rehearsals for orchestra, extra practice for orchestra, preparing music for Lent, planning a retreat for church, and interviewing for a job, she’s been a little preoccupied. Other bloggers have announced sabbaticals recently; Mel may have to do the same until she stops playing Pathwords on Facebook gets some things in Real Life under control.

In the meantime, I thought I would intervene here and post for her, just so that you know she’s ok, if a little swamped. Just my way of saying “Thanks” for the whole saving the life thing. When I was trying to catch up for her, I did hit “mark as read” on the over 400 posts in her reader. I read the last entry each of you guys made on your blogs just for catch up, but I’m thinking she’ll thank me later.

I know she’d want me to tell you about her second interview, and, well, she’s not as optimistic anymore. It’s not like they don’t think she’s qualified and all, it’s, well, kind, of weird actually. From hearing Mel talk to Spouse about it, she thinks the other candidate, based on a resume she saw on the table and questions that were directed toward her at the interview, may actually be from the area that this charity seeks to help. So even though, from the upside down reading of this resume, this person has no experience in fundraising, marketing, or giving presentations, Mel is pretty sure that this other person will get the job based on the “passion” that they could bring. I guess the theory would be that the skills can be taught, if the person has enough passion. It would be strategy decision on their part, and one that does have some merit. She’s supposed to find out on Monday. That’s gonna make for a fun weekend, NOT!

But I know that you are really wondering about me, so I’ll tell you. I’m finally back in good health, beating up my sister, playing with snakes, and just being a cat. One thing different though, I do not like Mel and Spouse’s closet anymore. I spent so much time in there when I was sick, I guess the place just reminds me of how bad I felt. When I see the door open, I fluff up and growl a bit, just to let everyone know about it. It’s not my happy place anymore. I guess I’ll have to find a new place. Any suggestions?

OOOH! Mel’s walking into the kitchen to make some dinner, which means it’s time for me to get under her feet and hope she’ll throw me a scrap or two. Wonder what’s on tap for tonight? Chicken, beef, or pork? I hope not seafood, because I overheard Mel saying that there was a possibility that I have some sort of deficiency that won’t allow me to digest fish, which is probably what started this whole near death thing in the first place. Not cool, especially since I only had just discovered tuna. Ah, to taste the sweet nectar of the sea, then to have it permanently denied me…

Anyway, I gotta motor. Chase out.

Oh and where did the polka dots go? Mel’s gonna be pissed about that one. She’ll have to design a whole bunch of new stuff and like she’s got time for that right now…


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