What do you title an Ash Wednesday post, anyway?


Today is Ash Wednesday.  For those of the Lutheran/Catholic/Episcopalian persuasion, this is the day that marks the preparation for Easter in 40 days.  And of course, everyone always asks. “What are you giving up?”
That is so negative.  I have never liked it very much.  I mean, if the whole idea is to prepare yourself for the Miracle that is Easter and all, shouldn’t you be more positive?  Isn’t there a better way toward personal improvement than such negativity?  At least that’s my take on the whole thing.  Your mileage may vary.
So what am I doing?  Well, my take on it this year is that I need to improve my stewardship.  That means lots of things, but simply put, I need to take better care of my stuff.  And that doen’t just mean cleaning the house more, although that is part of it (That cheering you hear in the background? Is the Spouse.  Now just shut up, ok? :))  I have a lot of “stuff”.  I have my body, which I am taking better care of now.  I have my gifts, which need to be better utilized.  I have my time, which can be better managed.  And there is financial “stuff”, too.  All of these are gifts and they all need to have better stewardship.  
That’s my goal for the next 40 days.  Better stewardship of the gifts that I have been given.  Of course, I need something a little more concrete to shoot for if I want to hit the target.  Some of these things are going to be a little loose, like dust more frequently (or, just dust, period).  Others are more concrete, like hitting my weight and/or measurement goal by Easter.  But I’ll have some goals and I will work toward them.
Like I said, it’s a positive approach to this season.  More of a “to do” list than a “don’t” list.  And as for the time management, well, that means that I’ll be here a little less frequently.  Not that I’ve been posting a lot lately, but I’m going to set aside times where that is what I do.  I do enjoy blogging, but I need to keep things in moderation.  Too much is a time suck, and too little causes me to miss it.  A few of my favorite bloggers are dropping out because they lost some perspective and that’s sad (and yes, I’m talking to YOU, AFF, if you’re even reading this) because they are cool funny people who have something to say.   Anyway, if I tell myself that I’m only going to post on, let’s say Monday and Thursday, then I’ll probably have better content.  That’s the theory anyway…
So there ya go.  Have a great Ash Wednesday, if it’s something that you do.  And if it isn’t, then have a nice day anyway.  It’s BEAUTIFUL here in Austin.  A great day to be alive and facing new challenges.  I can’t wait.
**Bonus funny Ash Wednesday story:  When Thing 2 was about four or so, we went to services and he refused to have the ashes put on his forehead.  Wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.  Anyway, he notices that he’s the ONLY ONE who has no ashes on his forehead and he starts feeling a little self conscious I guess.  So he reaches into his busy bag and grabs a black crayon and tries to draw ashes on himself.  We were sitting in the front row (which if you are Lutheran means you got there late) and the pastor could see this and he was totally trying to not bust a gut laughing…

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