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More things to ponder…

Ok, so I’m low on blog fodder.  And actually I can’t even claim this one since Spouse sent it to me.

Anyway, apparently the whole cafeteria-style religion thing has gone digital.  You can now, just like a pizza, order up your prayers on the web.  
Read the FAQ for a good laugh.  Espcecially the part about efficacy.  
I can’t make stuff like this up.  I wish I could though. I’d be loaded. 😛

Here’s something to ponder…

Here’s an article I saw on BBC talking about how monkeys react to tantrums.  

I totally get this.  Don’t you?  Discuss.

Protected: I do not think it means what they think it means…

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Here I come to save the day!

Ok, so I’m totally ripping this off of my buddy at Pink Asparagus.  But that’s ok, because she ripped it off of someone and that’s how the interwebs work, right?  Right.  So.

Enough with the secret identity.  I am now….
I love it!
Want your own?  Check out The Hero Factory.

Tigger arrested, charges pending

Earlier today in the 100 Acre Wood, Tigger was arrested for disorderly conduct. Although field sobriety tests did not indicate the presence of alcohol or drugs in Tigger’s system, his behavior was such that he was taken immediately to jail. Although the authorities have been called many times regarding Tigger’s public conduct, this is the first time he has actually been taken into custody.

When asked how he would plead to the charges, Tigger’s attorney, P. Bear, only stated “Oh, bother!” and referred us to his associate, Roo. Roo was unable to comment as he stated that “his mother didn’t like him talking to strangers.”

District Attorney Rabbit was quite forceful in his opinion that Tigger serve some time for his transgressions. “A body can’t just go and mess with someone’s garden! It’s not right!”, said D.A. Rabbit.

The trial date is set for April 1, in the court of Judge Owl.

*Actual picture of squad car not far from my home. I’ve seen him a few times before, but this was the first time I was able to get a picture of it.