Monday Mission: Sing, Sing a Song..

Yesterday, I thought I could do this.  I take it on Faith that I can do stuff like this in the Heat of the Moment.  ItalicI am no Stranger to creative endeavors like this one.  I am in fact Notorious among my peers for doing such things.

But I guess I was Crazy.  It’s been such a Manic Monday, that I can’t come up with such a Fancy post.  And that just leaves me Cryin’, since I promised Painted Mapole that I would Try a Little Tenderness this week since it’s been a Long Time Gone since I did her Monday Mission.
But Baby, I’m Back.  I’ve got lots of post ideas again!  When you have writer’s block, The Waiting’s the Hardest Part, but it’s Already Gone!  So, I’ll See You again soon!
This post was part of the Monday Mission.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use song titles in your post.  Check out the Painted Maypole for more participants.


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