My glass house. Part II

A few months back, you may recall a movie that came out.  Something about vampires, I don’t know.  Sparkling vampires aren’t my cup of tea.  And I was a little embarrassed for some people out there (coughCityGirlcough) who were totally lusting after someone who was about half of their age.  I kept thinking that these ladies really needed to get a grip.

Ahem.  Well.  I must apologize to you now.  For I have seen Star Trek and I must say that Spock is hot.  I already kind of knew that from when he played Sylar on Heroes, but he was pretty darn hawt as Spock.  I mean, if Princess Penelope thinks he’s hot and will consider seeing a sci-fi movie just to see him, you know it’s something.  
I know.  It’s embarrassing.  But at least we were born in the same decade and no one would mistake me for his mom.  And yeah, there’s a better than average chance he’s gay (God, it pains me to type that) but at least he looks like he takes a shower, unlike RP.
So, go ahead and cast your stones.  I’m waiting.  🙂  But look at this and tell me that I’m wrong:
pictures from

And what does it say about me that two of my four starcrushes are from the Star Trek realm?  The others are Patrick Stewart, Daniel Craig, and Hugh Jackman.  
Updated to add:  Jamie Bamber and David Tenant.  OMG, BSG and Dr. Who.  I’m such a geek!  Thanks to Jen for reminding me of that one. 🙂


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