A new Friday meme…

I want to get back into the habit of posting more frequently because I hate disappointing my fan.  But sometimes I just don’t have enough for an entire post, which is why I like facebook so much.  Anyway, the I saw Friday Fragments over at Kori’s place and I figured that I could do this.  Gives me something to do while I’m convserving energy for tonight’s concert.

*  Austin has the best bumper stickers.  Like this one:  Knowledge is power.  Power corrupts.  Study hard.  Be evil.
*  Best name for a computer related business:  Heroic Efforts Data Recovery Services
*  The shopping center I went to last night had a Gold’s Gym, three diet centers, and a Carl’s Jr.
*  I wake up in a cold sweat about the silent auction I’m trying to pull off.  If I screw this up I am so out of a job.  Gulp.
*  I figured out that I will only see Thing 1 for 11 days in July.  Between Boy Scout camp, church camp, my HS reunion, and Youth Gathering, we’re just not going to see each other much.  That’s probably a good thing.
*  Thing 1 wants to play tuba.  TUBA.  Where the eff did THAT come from?  Is this karmic justice for me working my way through the brass section in high school?
*  The elliptical trainer is busted.  Which means I can’t watch Heroes.  Which means I can’t get my ZQ fix.   Grrr.
Okay then.  That’s enough for now.  See ya later!  Have a good weekend. 🙂

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