Friday Fragments


I like this meme.  For bonus points, maybe I could haiku my fragments?  But that’s an awful lot like work, ya know?  Maybe next week?

So.  My fragments:

Bumper stickers of the week:

  • God wants spiritual fruits not religious nuts.
  • Lord, please help me to be the person my doctor medicates me to be.


Hey, do any of you know how I can get rid of the extra title up there?  It’s it’s real real annoying annoying.  

Bought some sheet music today of a piece I played over 20 years ago.  It’s going to come back pretty fast I think.  Happy day.  🙂

I think I should have a blog warming party.  I’m thinking cookies.  You want in?  Come back on Tuesday for details.  Yeah, I’m a cookie tease.  What’s your point?

Right now I’m trying to make the most useless marketing piece ever work for the mailed invites for this auction thing.  I feel really bad for the charity because it looks like the first marketing company really took advantage of them.  And now we have to deal with these pieces they made.  I think they designed them in this way to make us dependent on them.  Grrr…

Thing 2 won a trophy at the cubmobile derby last week.  Yay!

I can’t decide what is more telling:  The fact that I haven’t called a meeting of our church women’s group in over six months, or the fact that no one has asked me when the next meeting is.  Can we say “lack of interest?”

I’m going to Dallas this weekend to see my adorable nieces in their dance recital.  I can’t wait!  I have some pictures of me when I did dance recitals.  I think I’ll bring them for the girls to see.  I think they’ll get a big kick out of it.

After I finish up my work tomorrow, I think I will detail my car.  It’s yucky.  

I’m not sure how I’m going to handle next Thursday.  I have a speaking engagement at 6:30 30 miles away that will last until 7.  Thing 2 is crossing over into Webelos that night.  That.Just.Sucks.

I hear Rush (the band, not the commentator) from Thing 1’s room.  It doesn’t sound nearly as hard as it used to.  Oh God, followed by early Madonna (I think the song is “Celebrate”).  Eeek.  WTF station is he listening to?

I really need to start sleeping.  In a big way.  But I keep picking a helluva week to give up caffeine….

Okeydokeythen.  That’s it for me.  Have a great weekend!  It’s a long one, too!


12 responses to “Friday Fragments

  1. my favorite bumper sticker: “where are we going? And why are we all in this handbasket?”

  2. Have fun at the recital. They’re always a blast!

  3. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Hm…I’m not sure how to get rid of that extra title (title). I’ve found WP themes to be pretty customizable, so hopefully there’s a silly checkbox somewhere that needs to be unchecked, and the extra title title will will disappear disappear 🙂

    Yay for your musical refresher! I’ll bet that piece will come back PDQ. I haven’t studied piano in YEARS – I barely even remember how to read sheet music – but there are pieces that I can still play! It’s amazing what we can remember.

    Drive safely to Dallas, and say hello to Reunion Tower and JR for me. (I lived in Plano as a kid. I need to visit Dallas again!)

    Re. the caffeine, I know what you mean. Personally, I picked the wrong week to quit drinking, taking amphetamines and sniffing glue. (Please tell me you’ve seen “Airplane”, or else I have just given you the WRONG impression and you’ll never come visit again *giggle*)

  4. Rude! You moved and didn’t tell me. 😉 I had to find out from Rob. 🙂 However, I’ll come visit you here instead. Even without a comment. 🙂

  5. Love the bumper stickers.
    I remember those Webelo days.

  6. Enjoyed your Friday Fragments…:) This is so fun! The bumper stickers are awesome! I don’t know what Webelo is?! Have fun @ the dance recital.

  7. The extra title. Hmmm.. I had to look for it three times to find it. If it really bugs you, try looking at your post through HTML mode and deleting it?

    Crossover, huh? As long as someone he loves is there, you can skip it; it’s not THAT big of a deal (my son’s a Life Scout. I say, mark the occasion with something special (ice cream?) but don’t feel bad.

    Good luck with the auction; you’ll be glad when it’s over. Reading about the recital just makes me smile; enjoy it 🙂

  8. and BTW, you are quite the fragmenter, young lady! Thanks for playing this week 🙂

  9. That’s funny about the church group meeting – I’m thinking lack of interest is the key there. Maybe cookies should be served there as well as at your blog-warming party!

  10. thanks for answering my question…. having girls…. I haven’t ever been exposed to boy scouts…but now I know! Thanks

  11. I want cookies.
    And have a church meeting, but have it at your house with wine and appetizers. They’ll come. 🙂

  12. Wait…unless you’re “Dark Lutheran.” Then it probably wouldn’t work. LOL

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