So, about that colorful metaphor…


“So Mel.  Where did you get that image for your header?  It’s soooo cool and original. I’m green with envy!”

I know, I know.  It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?  Well, I think so, and since it’s my blog, I can say what ever I want.  🙂  This is an original work by Thing 1.  He did this at art camp last year (the same one where we had an issue with un-requited love).  It’s actually in this year’s catalog for the art camp.  He’s really proud of it, and he should be.  It’s got a nice balance and feel.  At least I think so, and my opinion is the only one who counts here.

I figured since I talked about how worried I was about him, I would show you the kind of potential he has.   This same kiddo also came up with an alternative history for the Pacific battles in WWII.  He based his project on the idea that the ships at Pearl Harbor needed to have been deployed differently so that they would be able to defend themselves better against any attack.  He then posited that having more ships available would have shortened the war in the Pacific dramatically.  Pretty cool stuff I think.  Anyway, he’s a fabulous kid going through a rough patch.  I just don’t want this rough patch to define his development.

Ok, now if you recall, you have to leave a comment on this post as well.  That’s right:  I want you to tell me how fabulous my kid is.  Do it for the cookies!  And don’t forget to post a comment on yesterday’s post as well.  City Girl already has her cookies, but there is one more up for grabs.   


BTW, thanks for all of your comments on my other post about Thing 1.  My task right now with all of this is to keep it in perspective and be there for him.  Your comments helped with that.


17 responses to “So, about that colorful metaphor…

  1. Wow; I knew you were moving, but I guess I forgot the new address. Of course I want cookies, but more than that, I want to tell you that Thing1 IS awesome. Those kids who are a challenge are also the most wonderful to have.

  2. cookies. That is all. As you were.

  3. That image is gorgeous! Is it paint or mixed media?

    Your kid sounds like a very smart cookie.


  4. That is lovely, that image. Tell him we said so.

  5. Thing 1 sounds like he really is awesome. I wish that I could really meet him someday. Your whole family seems fantastic. You have your problems, but all in all you seem like you have things in the right perspective.

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  7. You can be a genius in one field and still have a learning challenge at the same time. I cannot understand higher Math no matter how hard I try….and I am supposed to be EXTREMELY intelligent. I am going to go have myself tested for a rare learning ability that I suspect I have. Your son is lucky that you are able to realize and willing to face what is going on. I admire your parenting. I also admire the imagination it takes for your son to come up with a theory like that. He is obviously a great thinker….someday his children will likely be fascinated by this gift. I was intrigued just listening to the alternate history description. I don’t know how old he is…but I would suggest reading Harry Turtledove and other alternate histories. P.S. I would love to have cookies.

  8. My visits to you today have been courtesy of the Mingle….so much fun. 🙂

  9. That is BEAUTIFUL! And so it is here, as well, I love your new digs, refreshing especially with that colourful image. Great job!!!

  10. I really like the colors. He did an awesome job.
    *mingle, mingle*

  11. What? I haven’t seen anything about that… Damn my reader! This new blog address isn’t showing up. I have to reset it.

    But I want cookies so I will first go to the second link.

    Then I will search your archives to see what you are talking about…

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  13. Your sounds like a great kid to meet! And yes, I do love cookies, so count me in 🙂

  14. Count me in for the cookies also. Not like my waist line needs them though…

  15. I love the art piece. I wish one of my boys was artistically talented. If either one of them even tried, it would probably come out all one color (black, of course) – would Thing 1 like to do one for me?

    He sounds like a very smart and interesting guy. I’ll send you all some positive energy – even if you don’t send me any cookies.

  16. Ok, that art is AWESOME! I’m not even just trying to kiss your butt to win the cookies. Ok, maybe just a little… No really, your son is gifted. That is too cool!

    My oldest daughter is really into art too, and I didn’t even think about an art camp – that would be perfect for her.

  17. that is a really cool piece of art!

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