I’d rather listen to MacArthur Park

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A fun thing that I’ve been reading to wind my brain down is this book called “I Hate Myself and Want to Die”.  Don’t worry, it’s not about that.  It’s about really, really, really bad/depressing songs and just what makes them so bad.  And it is frickin’ hilarious.  Amazon didn’t have a picture of the same edition I have, which is this pathetic little stuffed bunny with droopy eyes and ears and loose threads.  Pretty pathetic looking, but still funny.

Anyway, so I was thinking along these lines when I was with Spouse in the garage this evening.  He needed some help working on the timing of his car (he’s restoring a 1966 GTO) so I was more than willing to help.  Ok, maybe not more than willing, but it was the least I could do.  Anyhoo…so the radio is on..

“Ok, this is funny:  I walk into the garage to help you with your car, and “Start Me Up” is playing

“Yeah, yeah.  Very funny.  Focus Mel.  Focus.”

“Ok I am focusing.  I’m focusing on the fact that there isn’t a front seat in this car and all kinds of things sticking up and I don’t want to sit on any of them.”

The Stones finish up, and then we hear the first strains of an iconic late 70’s song filter through….

“Oh my God.  This is my LEAST.FAVORITE.SONG.EVER.”

“You mean the Pina Colada Song?  Oh yeah.  It’s bad.  Any song that starts out with ‘I was tired of my lady’ is going nowhere fast.  We played this in band in middle school.”

“Oh THAT’S appropriate.  The only redeeming quality about this song is that it ends.”

“Concur.  I think these two are waaaaay beyond couple’s counselling if you ask me.”

“Tell me about it.  I mean, can you imagine the scene at O’Malley’s?  I walk in and see you?  I’m so not going to be all ‘Oh, it’s you’.  It’s going to be more like “WTF?  You’ve been trolling personal ads? You a-hole.  And of course, you’d be like ‘You frickin’ whore!  You’re posting personal ads?  Get your shit out of my house this instant!’  So NOT planning an escape.  Unless it’s to a divorce lawyer.”

“Hah!  But it’s just more of that baby boomer mentality crap that I can’t stand.  Start me up.”

“Nope.  That song’s over.  Sorry.”


Anyway…just a little snapshot of life here at ZeCasa.  

So, do you have a song that just makes you want to rip your eardrums out?  Discuss.


8 responses to “I’d rather listen to MacArthur Park

  1. When we had my wife’s friend living with us, she loved to listen to Boy George’s “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” I told her, “only when I hear that song.”

    I also told her the next time it was played in my car, the CD was going out the window, snapped in half, and I’d gladly pay the littering fine. So yeah, that’s one song I feel pain to hear.

    There are others, but that stands at the top. Or the bottom.

  2. Mingle on!

    Strangely enough, given the tons of bloglove and forumlove it’s getting from, well, everyone who isn’t me, following Fox’s “Glee” premier… “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

    For me, it made the ending of “The Sopranos” even more annoying than it was, and when the White Sox made it their World Series run theme… well, I thought I couldn’t hate baseball any more… I was wrong, that song added the little extra dab o’ hate I thought I just didn’t have in me!

  3. Oh, man, they are too many to list. Mostly the crap my kids listen to, though. Because MY stuff is par excellent. Of course, I also have Sirius so every time I hear one I don’t like, I just switch.

  4. Must confess. I LOVE the Pina Colada song. Reminds me of my childhood. And I like pina coladas.

  5. There is a whole list of songs that make me want to rip my ear drums out, but at this point, I can safely say that I can’t stand just about anything by Travis Tritt or some of his cronies. . . AAAGGHHHH!!!! I love people who play the acoustic guitar, but something about it rubs me the wrong way.

  6. I would do anything for love… but I won’t do that.

    Kill me now.

  7. Toondinny, and that’s so true about that sleazy song.

  8. That was supposed to say too funny. Wow.

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