Maybe I don’t need to panic after all…

Scene, leaving for school this morning at Casa Z

“Okay guys, let’s go!”

“Wait, I’ve got all of this extra stuff in my back pack!”  Thing 1 proceeds to empty his back pack of all the of end of year detrius (and of course leaves it in the middle of the hallway, but that’s another story).  He opens the front pocket of the back pack, takes out a few things, but is obviously leaving something in there.

“Hey sweetie, what’s that? Is that a towel?”


“Why are you carrying a towel in your back pack?  Is that still from the field trip?”

“Yeah.  I’ve actually had to use it in school a couple of times since then.”


“Yep.  So I’ve decided to always carry a towel.  They’re useful and you never know when you’ll need them.”

I laughed. “Ok, that’s really funny.  You don’t know why that is funny, but it is.”

He gives me “the look”.  “Okay, is this one of those ‘pop culture’ reference things you and Dad always talk about?”

“Yes.  But don’t panic.”

He rolls his eyes.  “That’s another one, isn’t it?”

I grin.  “Ok, time to go now.”

“So is it a Monty Python or something else that you won’t let me read yet?”

“Something else, but I think you’re almost ready for it.”


“Yeah. It’s mostly harmless.”


I have to add Douglas Adams to the list of people I miss.  Right up there with Jim Henson.


8 responses to “Maybe I don’t need to panic after all…

  1. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…perfect.

  2. We’re giving you an award!

    Because we luuuurrrrve you.
    And because you ROCK, Sister!

  3. You haven’t at least let him watch the MOVIE? : )

  4. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Woohoo, I’m back and am loving your new digs!

    *hangs head in shame* Despite being a self-professed sci-fi fan, and being married to an even bigger sci-fi fan, I have never yet read or watched the Hitchhiker’s Guide. J has done both *sigh* I need some remedial training.

  5. REALLY time for him to read those books. I think I first read them at about that age. He’ll love ’em.

  6. I love it! He cracks me up 🙂

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