Things that got lost in the move….

You know how when you move, you always lose something?  Well, when I moved, I lost a post.  I didn’t mean to lose it, but I finally realized that I hadn’t posted about something yet and I feel bad now.

I won something!  I won a drawing over a Pink Asparagus!  It was a cool little fabric covered notebook that I would show you if my camera was behaving.  But it is red with cool geometric designs and my kids want it.  But they can’t have it because it’s MINE!

Anyway, thanks Cat!  And sorry it took me so long.


2 responses to “Things that got lost in the move….

  1. Ooo! Excellent blog – how did I miss this one?

    Thanks for the lead!

  2. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Woot! Congrats on your win! I’m cackling at the automatically generated posts that WP suggests I read as a followup. I’m not sure if we all see the same list, but I see “Nortel Ex-Workers Invited to Pink Slip Party” as a suggestion 🙂

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