A Monday Haiku for you…

Just ’cause it’s not hot
Does not mean you can forget
To put on sunscreen.

Have wicked sunburn.
Solarcaine is not enough.
Hurts to wear a shirt.

Lessons have been learned.
Even though I’m Latina,


9 responses to “A Monday Haiku for you…

  1. Poor, poor thing!

  2. Ouch! Sorry ;-(

  3. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Oh dear šŸ˜¦ I hate sunburn. I slathered myself in SPF 50 baby sunscreen on the cruise, and I still got a burn one day. I’m going after that newfangled SPF 75 stuff next time, and a hat the size of a satellite dish šŸ™‚ Take care!

  4. Ohhhh, I know that pain a little too well. It hurts. I’m so sorry for you!!

  5. Good advice…especially since it’s not that hot in my neck of the woods yet!

  6. Wow, that stings (I mean stinks.) I’m very proud of myself for wearing 50 sunblock to 6 flags last week and coming home pasty white once more; my days of slathering my body in baby oil and baking for hours in the sun are over. For what it’s worth, that aloe gel stuff works GREAT.

  7. Ouch! I know I slather everything on the kids,but always forget about me! I hope you feel better soon, yes, lots of aloe…

  8. SPF 2K?

    SPF 2M!

    Also, Mrs4444 is right – the Aloe Gel rocks. Get the No Ad kind in the pump bottle. It’s a miracle from Gahd. (that’s the extent of my Dan Akroyd impersonation, dragged out just for you to help you feel better)

    “We’re on a mission from Gahd.”

  9. Sorry about the sunburn. Have you an aloe plant? They really do help. It’s way better straight from the plant than from the bottle. Also, if you don’t have one, call around. Maybe one of your friends will give you a cutting for the next time your Things haven’t learned the lesson.

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