Friday Fragments 6/12/09

*  Bumper sticker of the week:  Sleep is no substitute for coffee.  Oh, and the bumper sticker on the Maserati was a sticker for the Texas A&M Association of Former Students.  Figures.  Only an Aggie would deface a Maserati in that matter.

*  My elder son was concerned for the well being of the baby who was in the car with the “Baby on Board” sign.  The mom was playing her stereo so loud that the windows on my car were shaking.

* Watermelon is awesome to have at track meets.

*  My new guilty tv pleasure?  Total Drama Action on Cartoon Network.  This show is frickin’ hysterical.

*  I’m inordinately excited about getting my brows waxed tomorrow.

*  Is it just me, or does there always seem to be a “Bondathon” on somewhere?

*  It’s been a while since I’ve tested an “As seen on TV” product.  I’ve done the Greenbags and Kinoki Pads.  Any other suggestions?

*  I’ve actually gotten a good night sleep three nights in a row. I’ll stop writing this post now and go for four.

Have a good weekend!  I’ll be guest posting tomorrow for Jen at Never a Dull Moment.  Heck, I may even get the post up today! Be sure and stop by, but be warned; this post actually has *gasp* substance!  Oh, and don’t forget to check out Mrs.4444 for more FF Fun!


18 responses to “Friday Fragments 6/12/09

  1. Hey, I’m getting my brows waxed tomorrow too!

    Why don’t you test our the Snuggie. I’m dying to know whether that thing is worth getting…

  2. Try this “as-seen-on-TV”
    With 300+ channels to fill up, I think there always a bond-a-thon on somewhere. Why not a Northern Exposure or Twin Peaks marathon though?

  3. I LOVE that coffee saying – so true, so true!

    Smart kid – that son of yours. Sounds like he had good reason to be concerned!

  4. 😦 about the baby in the loud car

    and I’ll have to check out that new show! I’ve never heard of it, but I LOVE hysterical!

  5. The baby in the loud car reminds me of a conversation we had here recently. A friend of ours was trying to help a seventeen year old mother-to-be realize the benefits of breastfeeding, and the girl said, “Yeah, but my Mama told me I shouldn’t breastfeed since I haven’t quit smoking yet.”

    SHE’S PREGNANT AND SMOKING?!? Gee, grandma, you might want to help her realize she oughta quit NOW and worry about the danger to breastfeeding later.

  6. Now I’m getting my feelings hurt. You imply that FF posts have “no substance.” Someone else wrote that FF posts are “for when you are too lazy to write a real post.” OUCH. Only kidding; I love FF posts, really, and yours was WOW-full of random things I had no idea about. Checked out that review on the banana bags (you know what I mean, I forget the name) and am intrigued. Total Drama Action, too, sounds interesting. Watermelon at a track meet is genius! I’m jealous on the eyebrow thing…

  7. Ugh, I can’t stand when people play the radio so loud that it shakes another’s window. Hope you have a good night’s sleep number 4 and have a great weekend!

  8. My vote is for the Snuggie as well, but not in Tejas in June. That’s more of a winter test…how about ShamWow! or KAPOW! or some other “OW!” product?

  9. My one problem with the green bags is that they change the texture of some fruits. I don’t know why. Did you find that?


  10. try some exercise do-dad

  11. oh, and I see the snuggie suggestions… a friend of mine had one, so I tried it (you know, just briefly) and I have to say, it was pretty cool. very dorky looking, but snuggly, indeed!

  12. Um, that was me. Who said it was whne you were too lazy to write a real post. Now I feel bad that I am so thoughtless; it makes me feel better that you are, too. 🙂

  13. My kids love Total Drama Island!! I never watch TV, but I know it is played all the time on the DVR (that and the Simpsons).

  14. *Mingle*

    DEFINITELY Do not test the smooth aways! Sandpaper and your legs/various other areas not a good idea!

  15. Hmmm…I’m assuming you meant that ANY school sticker on a Maserati constitutes defacement…and not just one from A&M. 🙂

    Apathy Lounge
    Class of ’81

  16. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Hee…I love Bondathons. But I am more accustomed to seeing them at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bond in the middle of summer just seems WRONG. Wrong, I tell you!

    I’d love to know your opinion of the Snuggie. I am sitting snugly under my bright blue Snuggie as I type this, and I’m a happy camper 🙂

  17. Hello! I found your web site through the June Mingle. I have enjoyed visiting your place. Please stop by for a visit!


  18. My guilty tv pleasure? Phineas and Ferb. Love.

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