Enforced stillness

Recently I’ve been in situations where there has been what I’m now calling “enforced stillness”. It’s a situation where you cannot do anything except be in the moment you are in. Track meets are a good example. It’s hard to bring any work with you, I find it too distracting to read, and too loud (or hot, OMG it was soooo hot this weekend) to sleep. So you just “be”. Once you get over the initial stress of thinking of all the things you aren’t doing, it becomes relaxing.
You watch everyone around you. You see the joy in their faces when they run. I really like it because everyone is so supportive of all the kids. Very unlike the team sports we’ve been involved with to date. Sure it’s competitive, but it’s healthy competition. Everyone is pushing themselves to be better and recognizes that a personal best time is just as important and worthy as qualifying for the Junior Olympics.
But back to the stillness. Having to be for even such a short period of time is helping me regain some much needed balance in my life. Knowing that I have these huge blocks of time where I can’t “do” is starting to make me more efficient (ok, just starting, still have a ways to go on that one). I feel like a fog is lifiting. Of course now I see some of the havoc it has wrought and I kind of wish the fog would come back. But really, I’m starting the process of getting it back together and that’s all good.
Kins of deep for a Monday, I know. I’ll be back in the shallow end tomorrow.


6 responses to “Enforced stillness

  1. margaret (the misanthrope)

    *paddling over to Mel* Hello! I think we have been swimming around in the same section of the deep end.

    Great observations on a situation that I also find myself in: stuck for short or long periods of time, unable to tend to the mile-long to-do list, and forced to just live in the moment. Next time, instead of fretting about what I’m not doing, I might just try to “be” in that moment! What a concept 🙂 Thanks my friend!

  2. Man, do I know what you mean…

    But you have to take advantage of those because they’re like little life-savers. Eat ’em ’cause they won’t last

  3. Living in the moment and simply BEING is one of the best things in the world, even though it is initially uncomfortable. : )

  4. I’ve had a few of these forced stillness times too, and after I get over the initial restlessness of being without my blackberry, phone or anything to read… it really is relaxing and centering. It makes me think I should meditate more or something.

  5. i think that might drive me to violence 😉

  6. That was deep–great to give some thought to. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t multi-tasking.

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