Opening the floor

So I mentioned in last week’s Friday Fragments that it was time to test another “As Seen on TV” product.  I have a lot of sleep issues, so I see a lot of infomercials and I’ll discuss the merits of testing some of those things later, but this product caught my eye today at and I thought we should put it up for consideration.


Here’s the website with a video to explain the product.

Any thoughts?  🙂


9 responses to “Opening the floor

  1. AND you “get a grip”??? just think of all practical joke/gag gift possibilities!

  2. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Hahaha…I’m not awake yet, and while I more or less understood the purpose of the TP Gripper, I couldn’t figure out how the Get a Grip thing figured into the whole toilet-using experience. Then I realized it was one of those “But wait! Call in the next 20 minutes and we’ll include THIS” sort of things. *giggle*

    Hm! I would be interested to see an evaluation of the TP gripper thing. I’m a germophobe from way back!!

  3. Who the hell needs an ADDITIONAL 18 inches? Really? Pleeeeeeeze test this one; somebody needs to!

  4. OMG!! It took me a minute to figure out that it was not for cleaning the TOILET, but when I did, I laughed HARD. And bought one for my purse. JK-OMG!

  5. Ok, I’m laughing, because.. well, my father-in-law bought one and my mother-in-law made him return it. LMAO

  6. LOL. Oh, holy crap.


    And thanks for the cookies! They arrived today and are DE-LISH! AND you provided an opportunity for my too-cute UPS driver to pay a visit – BOOYA!

  7. Is that…is that a butt-wiper stick?

  8. What will people think of next?

  9. Get a grip… too funny!
    Amazing what people can come up with, isn’t it?
    Thanks for the giggle!

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