Friday Fragments 6-26


* I didn’t make it to Whole Foods this week, which means that my prime source of bumper stickers was untapped. But I’ll tell you about a car I do see a lot. This car has a McCain sticker, a Cubs sticker, and a whole bunch of Washington Mutual “Whoohoo” stickers. I call it “loser car”. But it also has a “semper fi” sticker, so I won’t say it to his face.

* It’s over. It was good. It gets a whole post later.

* My fingernails had the manners to wait until I was loading the car up after the event to break. How often does that happen?

* I saw something that yesterday that I used to see all the time, but haven’t in years and seeing it yesterday kind of made me realize that. Remember those clothes poles that would hang across the back seat of cars? I saw one yesterday and it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen one.

* It is too hot. I don’t say that often but it is too hot. I’m just glad I got rid of some of the extra weight before this or I would truly be miserable.

* The keys on my laptop are sticking. This annoys me. A lot. It takes me about three times as long to type as it usually does because I have to keep backspacing to get skipped letters. Grrrr…

* Back on the diet today. No more stress eating.

* Still on the fence about the HS reunion. Seriously. It appears that most of the people I would actually want to see aren’t going to be there, and when you factor in the expense, it just, well, I dunno….

* I found this store brand of granola that tastes like Cocoa Puffs. Spouse and the kids eat it like it’s crack. Good thing it’s only $2.59 box.

* So it’s the day after a big in project in my life. What does that mean? Well, my longtime reader knows it means PEDICURE! See ya!  Be sure to visit Mrs.4444 for other FF’s.


10 responses to “Friday Fragments 6-26

  1. Pedi Day! Woot!!

    Congrats again on surviving The Event. :o)

    PS – The Cubs are NOT losers. They just aren’t winners.

  2. Yay!! Glad the event went well. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    You know, thanks to your Friday Fragments, I’m now paying closer attention to bumper stickers than ever before! In the DC area, most bumper stickers are political- or military-related (lots of McCains, Obamas and Semper Fis). There is a plethora of the “My Kid is an Honor Roll Student at” variety. I have had repeated sightings of a minivan with a sticker that says “Baton Twirler On Board.” That’s about it…so far 😉

    Yay for pedicure day!! That’ll be me next week.

    And yay for the ersatz Cocoa Puffs! I was thrilled when I found that I actually liked the store brand of coffee better than the fancy Folgers. Okay, enough hogging the comment section. Happy Friday!

  3. I used to have a bumper sticker that said, “I love my kid whether he is an honor student or not.” Tee hee, I used to get dirty looks over that one. Can’t wait to read about The Event, and well done!

  4. High School Reunion? You could PAY ME to go to mine… UGH!

    I HATE when keys get stuck or jammed…

  5. How ’bout a blog post with a review about that granola? I’m all for new products. Brand name, product. Ya know, I’m sure the company and store would really love some free advertising.

  6. cocoa puffs???

    are you SURE??

    cocoa puffs are hard to beat.

  7. Can’t wait to hear about the event!

  8. I just now realized that you moved your blog. Ha. I am slow.

  9. I enjoyed your FF posting. I am also interested in hearing about the granola that tastes like Cocoa puffs!

  10. I say skip the class reunion; you can get the same benefit from visiting your classmates on Facebook, without the expense! In fact, maybe you can organize a group called, “Not going to make it to our class reunion. Care to join me here?” on Facebook. heehee.

    I have never had a pedicure, but I just might think about it this year (I have grown my toenails enough to hold some polish, and look cute!

    I Googled “How to clean your keyboard” a few months ago and cleaned mine. It’s fantastic. It was a desktop, though–not sure if a laptop would be more difficult. Might be worth your effort. Good luck.

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