As Seen on Colorful Metaphors!

Wow.  Billy Mays is gone.  Kind of weird, isn’t it?  He was a real salesman and entertainer.  And he was great to watch on that show “Pitchmen”.

In honor of Mr. Mays, I will test one of his “as seen on tv” products.

I’ve been going through them and I’m not sure what to test.  I’m leaning toward the Mighty Mend It or the What Odor? I have a couch that has been attacked by cats and well, I have cats, so I’m always paranoid about cat odor.  What do you guys think?


4 responses to “As Seen on Colorful Metaphors!

  1. Look! I was the first one to vote!

  2. Since I can’t sew I want to see the mighty mend it in action 🙂

  3. I fancy myself as a pretty good seamstress, and I flat refuse to believe that the Mighty Mend-It can outdo my trusty Singer, or a plain old needle and thread. Therefore, I want to see the Mighty Mend It in action. However, let’s set some ground rules. I do NOT want to see you parachuting out of an airplane to test it, like that guy in the commercial 🙂

    If memory serves, the Mighty Mend It came with a free Bedazzler. So I have an ulterior motive…I want to see you in blinged-up clothes! (Or is that blinged-out? I’m so behind the times.) *giggle*

  4. I should have thought of you immediately upon hearing of Billy’s untimely passing…don’t know what I was thinking!

    I voted for the Odor Out. I don’t *think* I have odors, but you never know….

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