Friday Fragments 7/3/09

*  Bumper Sticker ‘o the week:  I have good brakes.  Do you have good insurance?

*  Two words:  All Clear!  Phew!  Don’t have to worry about that one for a while….

*  My mother is coming into town this weekend.  Nuff said.  I always feel bad that I feel this way.   And I did this time, too.  But then she started in with the “things I should be doing for her” riff and I didn’t feel so bad anymore.   As long as *she* doesn’t criticize *my* housekeeping or kitchen techniques, then there shouldn’t be any blood.

*  Found a much better site to log my food, so I’m back on track with the dieting.  Yay me!

*  I can’t wait until the end of the month when both of my kids will be gone at camp at the SAME TIME!  No, not because of what you are thinking.  My longtime reader knows that I am thinking DIY!  Woot!  There are so many things I want to do around here, I need to prioritize.  Should I tile the bathroom?  Shelves in the laundry?  Redecorate my bedroom?  Replace the ballasters on the stairs?  There’s just so many things and I can only do a few of them…

*  I was discussing the whole MJ thing at our book club this week.  One of the others said that when she told her teenage son that MJ had died, he responded with “Oh, did someone fight back?”

*  I have to do a briefing on the event I had for the other markets within my charity.  I am having the worst mental block on this.  Gee, wonder why?

* New fun television show:  Man vs. Cartoon on truTV.  It’s a group of engineers that recreate the attempts that Wile E. Coyote makes to get the roadrunner.  HILARIOUS!  It’s on Saturdays 9 CST.

*  Even though I was nice and asked what product I should test, I think I’m going to test the What Odor?  Mostly because the damage on the couch isn’t fixable with the Mighty Mend and I don’t have anything else around here that will lend itself to that.  Although that other product is still mighty tempting…

That’s it for me.  Time to get ready for the weekend!  Hope yours is a blast!  Get it?  Blast?  On the Fourth?  No?  Ok, it’s just me then.  Speaking of the Fourth, be sure to check out Mrs.4444 for more FF fun!


10 responses to “Friday Fragments 7/3/09

  1. We have begun to watch Man vs. Cartoon too. I am not so into it, but my man loves it. It’s rare he likes a TV show, and I watch a ton of TV. LOL.

    Happy F.F.!

  2. ‘fight back’… haha, that’s clever (and funny too).

    Man vs Cartoon? That sounds like something my husband would enjoy. I’ll have to check that out.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Oh, you’re a funny one 🙂 My kids will be gone to camp in a few weeks . I’ll miss them, but I’m looking forward to getting a lot accomplished when they’re gone, starting with catching up on my sleep! haha

  4. Yay for camp! I don’t know if my kid will every go for it…sigh. But one could dream!
    Good luck with getting everything done… and happy 4th to you!

  5. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Happy 4th, my friend! I am so glad you got the all clear. I’m sorry to hear about the mom situation. I struggle with similar feelings myself – not about my mom, but with other family members sometimes. I’m thinking of you and hoping everything goes well.

    I told you I had been looking out for bumper stickers…well, I saw one the other day that I had to tell you about! It was on the back of a small Honda SUV, and it said “Don’t worry about what others think; they don’t do it very often.” Awesome! Oh, and the SUV had Texas plates so – doubly cool 😉

  6. The MJ joke? Crass, tasteless, yet oddly hilarious. we are a sick people.

  7. Re: This year’s DIY project –

    Reroofing the house? Painting the garage? Building a wind turbine? 🙂

  8. *snort* LOVE the bumper sticker!!! We get a lot of tailgaters out here and it annoys the daylights out of me.

    I’ll have to check out the Man vs. Cartoon. I loved the roadrunner and coyote when I was a litle girl.

  9. What’s the diet site, if I might ask?

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