A guest post from my cat

Yo! ‘Sup dudes? Mel’s been pretty busy this week, so I’d thought I’d hop on so that you didn’t think she like died or something.  Any-hoo, I’ll give you the ol’ update on stuff happening around these parts.

Thing 1 is at Boy Scout camp this week.  I really miss him.  It’s so quiet with only Thing 2 around and I haven’t had my snuggle quota with him away.   I’m kind of doing this pouty-mope-around thing and hanging out around the door.  And to mess with me even more, Mel has totally torn up the playroom to do some sort of DIY thing involving, you guessed it, IKEA.  I’m tellin’ you, this woman has a problem.

In two weeks, Mel is going to be in NOLA for a Lutheran youth gathering.  Wow.  THAT sounds like fun.  Bands of mild Lutherans storming the streets of the French Quarter.  Can’t actually see that one, can you?  It’s gonna be like “Excuse me, can you part with some beads?”  Dulls-ville.  She’s looking forward to it though, so go figure.  People are crazy that way.

We survived the visit with her mom this week with very little in the way of bloodshed.  Which is unusual I must say.  Mel set her up with a project involving organizing the kitchen and elfa.  Kept everyone busy and busy is good.  Plus the fact that Mel’s mom seems to have gotten a “gay boyfriend”  and isn’t so fixated on her made for a pretty decent visit.  Let’s hope the “boyfriend” works out. 🙂

Well, I’m gonna motor now.  Have to make sure I get my 15 hours of sleep per day.  Maybe when I wake up Thing 1 will be home and I can get a decent snuggle.

Chase out.


10 responses to “A guest post from my cat

  1. NOLA sounds fun, even the way you describe it! I want to go there. SO.BAD!!!!!! I’m a lil confused about the gay boyfriend, but confusion is familiar for me so I’m ok with that.

  2. Awww Chase, it’s always so good to hear from you! I was getting a bit concerned about Mel, so thanks for keeping us up to date.

    Make sure she shows us pics of the finished DIY work! My idea of DIY is “successfully replacing a burnt-out lightbulb” so I am in awe of anyone who undertakes more than that. (Here would be a good place for a “how many Margarets does it take to put in a lightbulb” joke. I don’t have one. Ha.)

    And I can’t wait to read all about Mel and her posse as they raise heck all up and down Bourbon Street. Make sure they add a “please” when requesting beads 😉

  3. Look out, NOLA, here comes Hurricane Luther!

    Don’t worry, it’s only an F1. :o)

  4. I am a follower…and my son will be going to NOLA as one of those Luther Kids. Have fun! & if you see a tall lanky kid on a buss at 6am on the 22nd, it just may be my son.

  5. I want to hear more about mom’s boyfriend. Intriguing…

  6. Will you be participating in the July Mingle? Your code for button is still May. Email me once your code is up to date and I’ll put you back on the list. Thank you!

  7. Super cute! Catch a few winks for me, will ya?!

  8. Oh Lordy, you’re going to NOLA? Thankfully the boys are too young for that, and THANKFULLY no one from church asked me to chaperone. LOL! Have a great/safe trip!
    And totally want to hear about mom’s gay boyfriend! LOL

  9. what Lutheran you calling dull? when you get to NOLA I’ll change your attitude! 😉

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