Riddle me this…It’s another contest!

Hey guys!  As promised, it’s another opportunity to supplement your waistline with my cookies!

I am currently undertaking what I like to call “Project Findthehouse”.  This entails getting rid of all extraneous crap.  And believe me, there is waaay too much of it around here.   Anyway, while cleaning out my kitchen, I came across this:

main pic

What is this thing?  My son helpfully suggested that I Google it.  But how, pray tell, are you supposed to Google this?  I mean do you type in “funny looking antique jar with ceramic square inside of it and a spout and two electrical posts on top”?  And no, typing that in won’t work.  So this is my challenge to you:  Tell me what this is and you’ll get cookies.  This is a totally open ended contest.  It ends when I get an answer.  I don’t expect to hear right away, so I’ll make a tab for this on the homepage.  Good luck!

Here are some more pics to help you out. That white on the inside is ceramic.


inside of jar

inside of jar 2


8 responses to “Riddle me this…It’s another contest!

  1. It looks like an old fashioned bong. Not that I know what that would really look like. Hm….

  2. I think it is a Shutupandstopbraggingaboutyournaan.


  3. My husband is BRILLIANT! He said it’s used to make “silver water.” A 9-volt battery is attached to it and water is run through something silver. It was apparently something people used to think had health benefits. He’s just guessing, but damn, that man is smart, so I’m off to Google “silver water.” Mr.4444 looovvvvves cookies!

  4. Silver water generator?

  5. Look up “inexpensive water ionizer” on Ebay to see something similar.

  6. Please delete my middle comment. Water Ionizer-FINAL ANSWER!

  7. Let’s see if I can win more cookies…they’re worth it!!!

    I think it’s an antique coffee maker.

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