We have a winner!

I knew the interwebs wouldn’t let me down.  🙂

It is a silver water generator.

Mrs. 4444 withdrew that, thinking it was a water ionizer, but I’ll still give her credit.  It’s not a water ionizer because this has only one chamber, not two.  Anyway, I went with the silver water generator and did some research on it.  I couldn’t find a picture that matched what I had, but I read on how you would make a homemade one, and the descriptions are close enough for government work.  The other reason I think that this is plausible is because the person who had it was bat-shit crazy and would totally have done stuff like that.  This is the same woman who left instructions that, upon her death, we were to destroy the Santaria spells she had come up with to keep her husband faithful.  And also?  Was known for sacrificing chickens.  So yeah, I could see her believing that drinking water infused with silver would have some positive health benefits.  Go ahead, ask me about the ex-lax.  I dare you.  Anyway, she was totally bs-crazy and totally deserving of an entire blog post.  And her equally crazy sister.

But the important thing is that Mrs.4444 gets a batch of my cookies!  Leave a comment so I can get your address. 🙂


5 responses to “We have a winner!

  1. Even though I knew I wouldn’t win, I am still crushed with disappointment. When, when, WHEN am I going to win COOKIES? Sigh….not today. : )

  2. Yeah, I TOTALLY knew that’s what it was…snort. 😉
    Actually, I just want to hear the stories about your crazy relatives! LOL

  3. Yes! More stories, please, especially about the ex-lax? Please? 🙂

    A silver water generator? I looked at that thing and I had no clue what it was. I have a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, so I thought I had seen every odd-looking piece of laboratory equipment on earth. And even I couldn’t place that one! Congrats Mrs. 4444!

  4. OMG!! I’m so excited for Mr.4444!! I will email my address to you pronto!

  5. must write post about this lady. and share spells for spousal faithfulness?? 😉

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