Friday Fragments 7-17

*  Bumper sticker o’ the week:  Hey W, your Daddy should have pulled out earlier, too.

*  Went to Costco last week and saw a Smart for Two in the parking lot.  Think about that one and get back to me.

*  It turns out I’m not going to NOLA after all.  Don’t.Get.Me.Started.  But I’m not supposed to take it personally.  As if.

*  I have another contest in the works.  Stay tuned.  This time, I know what the item is, but let’s see if you can figure it out.   Check back Monday.  The usual prize, of course.

*  HP 6 was awesome.  Next up:  Percy Jackson.

*  Ask and ye shall receive:  I’ll do a series of posts on my bat-shit crazy grandmother.  It is amazing that my Dad turned out even half as normal as he did.  Don’t worry, I’ll include the ex-lax story.

*  Last, but certainly not least:  if my marriage was a child, it could drive today.  That’s right, folks, today is my anniversary.  I’ve actually passed the point where I’ve known Spouse longer than I’ve not known him.  Pretty cool.  I love you Spouse-bear!  Even more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

That’s it for me today.  Sorry so short, but if you go to Mrs.4444′s place, there’s a lot more going on.


10 responses to “Friday Fragments 7-17

  1. Happy anniversary!

    I look forward to the next contest. Will there be cookies involved again? I love cookies.

  2. 16! congrats! we just hit 13, and I am not quite to the known longer than not point. but getting there rapidly…


  3. Happy Anniversary!!

    What the heck is a ‘Smart for Two’?

    I’ll be looking forward to your posts about your bat-shit crazy grandparents… I’m intrigued! 🙂

    Happy FF! 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    Smart car. We have a ton of Smart cars in SF.

  5. 1. GET OUT OF MY FREAKING HEAD. I love Percy Jackson. Loved the books, the audiobooks, and can’t wait for the movies. You are REALLY starting to scare me. Maybe I can come to Austin, we can get Indian for dinner and then go see Percy.

    2. I obviously did not bake last weekend. Sorry. When I finally do get a chance, you are at the top of the recipient list. *smooch*

    3. I’d throw down Daniel Radcliffe in a heartbeat. Not that he’s no longer jail bait. Don’t judge me. (seeing HP6 tonite!)

    4. Happy ‘versary!

  6. Costco: they were picking up pictures. 😉
    NOLA in the summer…it’s ok. Stay home and have a margarita.
    Like CityGirl, now that Daniel Radcliffe is legal, yum…sorry. LOL
    Never heard of Percy Jackson.
    And Happy Anniversary!

  7. I don’t care for that bumper sticker–too mean, regardless of who it’s about. (and too graphICK!)

    Percy who?

    Can’t WAIT to hear about your batshit crazy MIL!


  9. I hear Smart’s have an amazing amount of trunkspace for their size. I live right across the street from a dealership, I should go ask them if I can peek inside one!

  10. That bumper sticker is awesome!!

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