It’s been a long, hot, summer…

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It’s hot here in Austin.  I mean, it’s usually hot in Austin during the summer, DUH!, but this summer has been particularly brutal.  And the kids are going crazy.  I try to send them outside before it gets too hot, but when it is 90 degrees at 10 am, that gets difficult.  Sigh….I guess this is how people who are snowed in feel.  But here it is so weird because you can look outside and see a beautiful blue sky.  Don’t fall for it though.  You’ll be roasting in no time.

So I saw that picture and it pretty much summed up the summer here at Casa Mel.  How’s your summer going?


2 responses to “It’s been a long, hot, summer…

  1. I’m waiting for summer… I think it must have gotten lost agin this year. There was one week of a heat wave, but that just made the wasps irritable and then it was gone 😦 I have seriously forgotten what it was like to just want to lay in front of a fan by 10 am– I am sorry for you (grew up in Arizona, I understand).

  2. Up here in New England, we haven’t seen summer yet. We’ve had lots of rainy, chilly days. The past few days have been beautiful and sunny and warm. And downright springy. It’s very disorienting. I feel like it’s May.

    I am relieved to have a break from the rain. It was getting me down. But I’m glad not to be dealing with your heat wave. I don’t do well with roasting.

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