And this week’s winner is….

The lovely Lady Galadriel! She was correct in saying that is was a breast pump.  Judging from the number of correct responses, maybe I should have had a drawing from all correct ones so that Kori would have a chance at the cookies for once.  🙂  I tried to take a picture of the box so you could see it, but it totally disintigrated on me. I mean this thing is OLD. BSCG got it from her sister who used it with her child, who is now 74 (I think, more on why I’m not so sure on that one later). So I’m guessing the paperboard wasn’t all that strong. Which is a pity, since it was pretty cool to have both the box and the pump.

This is fun! I have a few more things to have you guess on. Not all of them come from her house. Some of them are some really odd kitchen gadgets that even CityGirl would have trouble identifying.  I’ll have that contest in a few weeks because I don’t know the next time I’ll have some spare time to actually bake.  This is because next week is DIY!  Woot!


5 responses to “And this week’s winner is….

  1. It may date me but I knew what it was because I’ve had personal experience with the thing 🙂 and no, It does not work very well. I would have liked one of those electric ones that my daughter had.

  2. That looks like it could have been a breast pump used by Moses’ mother.

  3. I think that even though I guessed it right, I would rather milk myself than use one like that-because it looks like it would totally hurt!

  4. Congrats to the winner!

  5. Oh my gosh, I would have totally guessed a bike horn. LOL!

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