Fri Frags 7-24-09

*  No good bumper stickers, so a fortune cookie will have to do:  Stop stringing and tuning your instrument and start playing today! Pretty apt, considering I play the cello. 🙂

*  I’m supposed to be somewhere else right now and I’m not.  I’m also not bitter or pissed off about this in anyway whatsoever.  And no, it’s not BlogHer, believe it or not, although I didn’t even try to consider going to that because of the thing I was supposed to be at.   So now I’m doubly bitter.

*  I have no-hit all personal holidays in my family so far this year.  Meaning that I have forgotten them or sent something late or some such.  I suck.  Any ideas as to how to make this up to them would be greatly appreciated.

*  The DIY has started in full force, mostly because I’m not at the thing I’m supposed to be at (and not bitter about).  I’ll have some pics up when it’s all done.  But I can tell you right now that my laundry room is a shrine to all things elfa.  It looks right out of the CS catalog.  This pleases me.

*  Speaking of the cello, I got to pick up my music for the first concert series on Saturday.  This also pleases me.  We are playing “Gabriel’s Oboe” from The Mission.  If I can make it through a rehearsal of this without crying, I will be totally shocked.  But we’re also playing more effin Strauss, which does not please me as much.  Oh well.

*  Sat down with the Things the other night and watched “The Right Stuff” with them.  Well, all except ONE scene.  I did not feel the need to go “into the wild blue yonder” with pre-pubescent boys.  Those familiar with the movie will know what I am talking about.  And if you aren’t familiar with the movie then SHAME ON YOU!  This is a fabulous movie, and a good one to watch to commemorate….

*  The fortieth anniversary of the moon landing.  I have so many feelings about this and I want to do a post on it, but I can’t make it coherent.  Maybe all of the paint therapy will help channel my thoughts and I can do something about it.  In the meantime, go visit my friend Jen and read this that I wrote for her while she was in Florida.  And then be jealous of her because she is in Hawaii right now.

*  Anyone else watching the Torchwood mini-series?  What do you think?

*  I think I’ll have my cat post for me next week while I’m DIYing.  He writes funnier posts than I do anyway.  I can haz witty repartee plz?  kthxbye!

That’s all for me.  Check out Mrs.4444 for more Phragment Phun!


15 responses to “Fri Frags 7-24-09

  1. I love a good bumper sticker, but good fortunes are cool too!

  2. “The Right Stuff”. Good book. Awesome movie. Excellent subject.

  3. I’ve been lax about sending gifts and Christmas cards lots of times, but I try to make up for it by sending a fun ‘thinking of you’ card at random times, just because. In my twisted mind, this is even better because they’re not expecting it. Doesn’t everybody like a surprise?

    Have fun DIYing!

  4. congratulations on not missing any personal holidays that is great and betther than i feel i will ever do

  5. I’m sorry you are not where you are supposed to be.

    Lately, I’ve gotten terrible fortunes; they’re not even fortunes-more like sayings.

  6. I’ve never thought about asking my wieners to blog for me. Might be fun. Although I have no idea if a wiener can blog.

    Hallie 🙂

  7. I’m sorry you’re not having your planned weekend…

    Love that the fortune you got was relate-able! 🙂

    Good Luck on the DIY – looking forward to seeing pictures! 🙂

    Happy FF! 🙂

  8. Have fun with your painting and DIY-ing! So sorry you couldn’t do the ‘other’ thing.

    I’ve never seen that movie and now I’m feeling the shame. Might have to rent it this weekend. 😉

  9. Sorry you’re not “there” or HERE (at BlogHer). Woohoo. Sorry I can’t contain my excitement, but I am surrounded by very, very enthusiastic, giddy women!! Thanks for fragmenting this week!! 🙂

  10. i am really wishing I was MORE there. Tomorrow I will be, but I want to be at the BIG events, and I can’t. alas. I’ve been watching a lot of it on the news, since my hubby got roped into being the local media contact, and has done appx. 800 interviews since Tuesday.

  11. Good movie! Best of luck with the DIY’ing!!

  12. I am so bad at holidays. I’m just so far away from people that those things don’t even really cross my mind.

    I have the Torchwood mini-series yet. I missed the first couple of episodes and decided to wait and download them all at once.

  13. Yes, please be jealous. 😉 And then know that I returned to reality and it hurt. And jet-lag is evil. LOL

  14. Torchwood: eh. Dr Who: Yippee!! I must have missed some important part of Torchwood. But Lady Christina in Dr Who should come back. The Internet said she won’t. Too bad, I like her. And Martha Jones.

  15. Hee! Great fortune. And OMG. J’adore “Gabriel’s Oboe”. It is haunting and beautiful and brings tears to my eyes.

    Useless fact (didn’t you miss these while I was gone?): Ireland’s national airline, Aer Lingus, used “Gabriel’s Oboe” in a TV commercial a number of years ago. The piece accompanied gorgeous shots of various Aer Lingus flights, including the 747, in its classic green livery with a proud shamrock on the tail, soaring across the Atlantic and into the sunrise over Ireland. The commercial was wordless except for a caption at the end that read “You’re home.” Now, I’m thrilled to be living here and wouldn’t move back to Ireland permanently, but I’d be dead if it didn’t bring a tear to my eye.

    If you search YouTube for “gabriel’s oboe aer lingus” you’ll find it. Drat, now I’m sniffling again.

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