A reluctant guest post from my cat

unhappy chase

Is it safe to come out now?

Yo.  It’s me, Chase the Cat, and I am not amused.  Not even one little bit.

For starters, both of my kids are away at camp, which means my snuggle quota will not be met.  And then to make matters worse, I can’t even get into my boy’s room to hang out in the sun.  Check this out:


Ok, it’s not like his room is ever that neat to begin with, but COME ON!  What is up with this?  This is a flippin’ disaster!  I just sat there and meowed at it for a while in the hopes that Mel would do something about it.  But no.  She and Spouse spent the day prepping their room and bathroom for some “magical makeover”.  Whatever.  All I know is that the house is all torn up and I don’t like it.  And what kind of whacked out couple spends the entire week that they have NO KIDS doing home improvement projects?  I mean really?  Totally lame.

Anyway, maybe I’ll come out and eat tomorrow.  I guess I’d better or Mel will ship me off to the vet so we don’t have a relapse of the whole brush-with-death thing.  But I’m tellin’ you, I am not a happy cat.

Chase out.


6 responses to “A reluctant guest post from my cat

  1. Poor, poor baby. But feel grateful; we neglect all of the pets in our house for no real reason; at least mel and the man have a GOOD reason!

  2. Awww. Poor kitty. This is Gus, Mrs.4444’s cat. My boy is gone, too, and it’s killing me. I even decided to piss on the dog’s bed, just to express my feelings about the missing boy. I kind of backpedalled, though, when I heard Mr. and Mrs.4444 saying words like, “euthanize” and “bullet.” Bastards!

  3. It’s me-Mrs. 4444. Damned cat is always hanging out my keyboard. Hope he didn’t cause any problems.

    Just wanted to tell you that we got the cookies yesterday!! Holy cow, though, $10 to ship them?! You are way too sweet-Thank you. I have not eaten a single one, as they belong to Mr.4444, who will be home tonight and will be starved, since I’ve been on the computer all day, instead of cooking dinner. I’m sure once he tastes them, he will no longer be disappointed with me, though, so THANKS!

  4. hey chase,

    tell mel the cookies arrived and were rapidly consumed by happy grandchildren


  5. you think you have it bad? ever since Painted Maypole got that darn sassy kitten I’ve been kicked out of the bed, and spend most of my time UNDER it. growling.

    Love and mice,


  6. it could be worse. we now have a kitten to contend with. we hate him. (okay we don’t hate him, but we have to pretend to hate him to maintain cred).

    stoopid people. always messing with us.

    – Lucy, Kitty and Damien

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