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What prompted me to do that? Vol. I

So on Friday I lamented my state of writer’s block and realized that I needed to do something to get me out of it.  Fortunately for me, I have nice bloggy friends who have given me a few things to write about.  If you have something you’d like me to write about, feel free to add your ideas in the comments.  I’ll answer them in the order that they were received.   Now, to get started.

Cat at Pink Asparagus asked me about my favorite kid’s book.

Wow.  There are lots of ways I can answer this one.

My favorite book when I was a kid was “Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.”  The rhythm in this book is so much fun.  I loved it so much that when I was in speech club in middle school, I used it in storytelling competitions.  And I totally loved reading it to my kids.  Unfortunately, they didn’t like it nearly as much as I did.  Oh well.

The next book I remember having a big impact on me was as a freshman in high school.  The book was called “Prince Ombra”.  For a kid who loved myths and legends this was a fascinating read.  If you can find it I highly recommend it.  I still have it in my night table.

To read to my kids, I really liked “Are you my mother?” This book actually gave me a clue as to how wicked smart Thing 2 is.  When I read it to him for the first time, he was about 15 months old.  He was sitting on my lap and I was reading it to him.  The entire time I could feel him tensing up as we read about the plight of the poor lost bird.  When we got to the part where the baby bird was stuck on the “snort”, he grabbed the book out of my hands, told me to stop reading and started to cry.  I had to reassure him that the book would have a happy ending. I was able to finish but he was still very upset.  I then realized that he really understood the story and all of the ramifications of it.  At 15 months.    We also liked reading “The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig”, “Dinosaur Roar”, and all of the Bonyton books.  Who doesn’t like the Boynton books?  They totally rock.  🙂

Now, I read with them and not to them.  This is a lot of fun because there is really a lot of good kiddo fiction right now.  Where was this stuff 25 years ago?  Anyway, we’ve read Harry Potter (of course) and Percy Jackson (of course).  Some other good ones are the Alex Rider series, the Ranger’s Apprentice series, and 39 Clues.

As I sit here and write this, I realize how much I miss that time where I would snuggle with them and read them their favorite book for the umpteenth time.  That was such a nice time for all of us and now it is gone.  I now curse every night that I thought it was a pain in the ass.  Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to realize that they would only be in that stage for a short period of time and my attitude towards it all was far more positive than not.

I just had a great idea.  I think I’ll read Prince Ombra to them.  It has great dialogue so I think it will lend itself well to being read out loud.  This could be fun.  🙂

Thanks, Cat!


Wanted: blog posts

null set

I got nuthin.

I have the worst case of writer’s block.  I may need a writing enema if this continues.  I mean, it’s not as if there isn’t anything going on, it’s just not stuff I can/want to share at the moment.  At the same time, I miss writing.  Hence the quandry.

When I was making a comment on my BFF-if-I-only-lived-in-Boulder’s blog I was able to come up with something that approached witty.  And that gave me an idea.

I need writing prompts to get me out of this slump.  So give me something, ANYTHING, and I will write about it.  I promise.  Well, there is one subject I won’t talk about, and if you suggest that I’ll tell you and you can come up with something else.  Other than that, everything is fair game.

Bring it.

Yo! It’s me again!

‘Sup dudes? Mel’s having another c-r-a-z-y week so she asked me to step in and update you.

Well, school is starting up again. Mel thinks that’s cool ’cause she’ll finally get some stuff done around here, but I am not happy. I miss my boy already. Yesterday when Thing 2 came home an hour and a half before my boy, I just about lost it. I had no idea they were on separate schedules now.

Mel’s got some other stuff going on, too, but she can’t say anything about it yet. I hate it when she gets all super secret and cryptic-y. Messes with my snuggles. All I know is that she’s getting her brows waxed today and trying to figure out how casual is too casual and how dressy is too dressy. Whatever that means. If that made any sense to you, drop her a comment and help her out, ‘k? I don’t know anything about that sort of thing because I just wear fur. And if it’s too much fur, I just shed a bit. Or more. Preferably on that new white comforter.

And the last thing is the Alpha Cat, or as Mel likes to call him, Spouse. I just call him “Sir”. He had a gallstone attack over the weekend and is still in discomfort and hasn’t been able to eat anything. Boy, do I remember what that is like. Anyway, then went to his doc yesterday, but apparently he isn’t worth the paper his diploma is on, so he’s seeing Mel’s doc today. There will probably be some surgery in the not too terribly distant future. Which is good for me, since he’ll be home and I can snuggle him. What? Cat snuggles are therapeutic. I’m doing him a favor.

Anyway, that’s all from Austin. More as events warrant. Chase out.

I was feeling deflated this morning, until I saw this…

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Happy Monday everyone!

Whale, I’ll be!

The scene:

Vacation Bible School in a suburb of Austin.  Our plucky heroine is giving a lesson on wells and why they are important.  There are many, many, many short people about.  In this group, the average age is about 7.

Mel:  Ok guys, is everyone having a good time?

Group:  YES!!!

Mel:  Who was here on Sunday? (a few kids raise their hands)  Ok, who can tell me what we talked about on Sunday?

Adorable little girl:  We talked about dirty water and the poor people in Africa who have to drink it and how they get sick and die and reallyreallyreally bad stuff like that and and how we need to help them and we’re gonna try and that’s really good because Jesus says we should help other people and we are and…

Mel:  Very good.  Now, did you know that there are stories about wells in the Bible? (silence from the peanut gallery).  I’m going to tell you a story about a woman and a well.  While I’m telling you the story, I want you to draw a picture in your mind and we’ll talk about it when I’m done telling the story.

Mel proceeds to tell the story of Jesus and the Samaratian woman at the well.

Mel:  Ok, what kind of well did you see in your mind?

Boy 1:  I saw Shamu!

Girl 1:  I saw Jonah!

Boy 2:  I saw a beluga!


Apparently some diction lessons are in order…

What I’ve been doing instead of blogging, part two

So, as promised, more DIY pics.

This is the kiddo’s bathroom.  I didn’t take a full before shot, but the entire bathroom was painted with these


These were handpainted on the wall using a stamp. There were probably about 200 of the little effers. And yes, I did paint them all. I also had this neat little sea grass thing acting like a wainscot. It was cute, but the guys had outgrown it all. But not so much because they begged me to take a picture of a fish and frame it so we could hang it in the bathroom. 🙂

Anyway, now, we have this:

bath 1
bath 2
bath 3

This wasn’t just a paint job.  The big project in this room was the cabinets.  They were this builder grade crap that had to be refinished.  They were MDF covered with this plastic shtuff that peeled off.  It was yellowing and looked just awful.  So, I peeled it off, sanded the MDF, and gave them a fresh coat of paint and new fixtures.  It looks soooo much better.

All of the fixtures, the towels, and the shower curtain are from Target. I just love that store.

Except, of course the item on the mirror in the last picture.

Hey Mel, that isn’t an “As seen on TV” is it?

Why, yes.  Yes it is.  It is the Touch-n-Brush!  And I am pleased to report that it works as advertised.  🙂

Even better:  I finished this up about three weeks ago.  I took this picture tonight.  They LOVE their new bath and are working hard to keep it clean.  That alone is worth every penny.  🙂

Saturday Chuckle

Okay, I had to keep  myself from spitting my coke zero on the computer when I saw this one.  Which is good, because that would have only made my entropy problems worse.

old tree totally looks like clint eastwood
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Your mileage may vary.