Really? This is a sick joke, right?

Our principal cellist has to take half the season off to let her shoulder heal after surgery.   As second chair, I should be principal, right? Well, there are some other members of the section I could see promoted over me because they are really strong players. That’s fair. But the one he picked? Missed half of last season, wasn’t at half of the rehearsals from the half she was in, and got called out for dress code violations at concerts. And she’s not one of the people I consider a stronger player than me.

I haven’t missed a rehearsal in two seasons.  I am prepared at rehearsals, usually more so than our principal.  I am just stunned by this.

On the other hand, I am sad for my friend, and Thing 1’s cello teacher, that she is out for a while.  I wish she had told me what was going on.  I feel guilty for feeling this way when she is in obvious pain.

But still.  Gobsmacked.

This is now a disturbing trend in my life.  I think I need to take some more stock and see how I am contributing to this.


9 responses to “Really? This is a sick joke, right?

  1. You last line is so awesome; I think it is really important to identify what your part in things is; sometimes you really have nothign to do wit hit and sometimes you do, and I applaud you for being so willing to try to figure that out!

    That said, do you want me to come beat her up? Because I totally will; you definitly should have been first.

  2. what’s the point of being 2nd chair if you aren’t bumped up to 1st when 1st cannot fulfill her term?

    Alternatively, maybe the conductor is an amazing manager and sees in this other woman something that you do not yet see. Maybe the prestige of the position will force her to be the player he knows she can be – maybe she hasn’t been adequately challenged?

    Or, maybe, she has photos of him in compromising positions with a baton?

  3. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Oh Mel *HUGS* I have missed visiting you and am just now starting to play catch-up. So I might not get to comment on everything.

    I am so sorry to hear about this. From the little bit I know about orchestras, if the Principal is not able to play, then the second chair takes over.

    You are wise to look for learning opportunities in the situation. However – I agree with Catherine, in that there must be photos in someone’s possession 🙂 For what it’s worth, YOU are the Principal Cellist, Principal Blogger, Principal DIYer and As Seen on TV Tester in my book. More hugs to you!

  4. Gah! That doesn’t sound right at all.

  5. wow, sounds so much like theatre politics.

    sorry. that’s crappy.

  6. That really bites. Seriously.

  7. Orchestra politics SUCK! I’ve been the victim a couple of times too, but not quite this blatantly. WTF? You should have been moved up, end of story. Hm. I wonder what the backstory is.

  8. Okay, so I don’t like that last line.

    Just because a few things aren’t going your way right now, does not mean there’s something wrong with you. Life is full of obstacles…sometimes they’re spaced out, sometimes they hit all at once.

    Perfect Example: The teaching job went south, right? But then you found this job. Then it sucked for a while, but then you overcame – TRIUMPHED OVER – a huge challenge. Felt good about it. Made us all proud of you. :o)

    Symphony was fine. Second chair! Now the snub. (up, down, up, down) Maypole is right – it’s politics. You’ll get past it, triumph over it, come out better for it on the other side.

    YOU are fine. Everyone else sucks.

    PS – No, I am not an enabler. I just speak the truth.


  9. I really love that last line there; you are my kind of girl if you are able/willing to look at what MIGHT have contributed. That said, you might now find anything, but I’m proud of you for keeping your eyes open and not just pointing fingers. Good girl!

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