Fri Frag 8/7/09

Bumper sticker of the week:  Wanted:  $10,000 Reward.  Schrodinger’s Cat.  Dead and Alive

*  So the orchestra thing.  Well, I found out the issue.  Apparently, because I have in the past spoken my opinion on various things, the conductor doesn’t think that I “have his back”.  What bugs me the most about this is that he never even suggested that there might be an issue with me.  Instead of talking to me about  it, he went four chairs down (others didn’t want to sit principal) to fill the spot.  I am so hurt that he didn’t discuss this with me.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do about this.  I’m not sure the “big girl pants” are big enough this time, ya know?

*  My son’s tennis shoes fit me perfectly.  Very scary.

*  I know I owe you DIY pics.  But they get a whole post, so I’ll get back on it later.  Same goes with BSCG.

*  Entropy is making it’s way back into my home.  This week’s victims:  my laptop battery, my cell phone, one of my NEW tires.  I’m hoping that we stop at three.  The cell phone isn’t dead, but it’s a palm phone that now wants to be hotsynced about ten times a day.  But it has to live until March so I can get my iPhone.  I think I’ll light a candle.

*  Because Chase the cat has nevereverever slept with me, I felt like I could buy a white comforter for our new bedroom.  I think we all know where this is going, right?  Sigh….I haven’t even gotten the new bedding yet and all of a sudden he’s slept with me every night this week.  You know he’s a black cat, right?  Unbelievable.

*   Dear God,

We get it.  You can stop using Central Texas as Your demonstration of “Hell-on-Earth”.  Please bring back the normal, but still hot, temperatures and some rain instead of the kiln we have been experiencing this summer.  Amen.

*  RIP John Hughes.  What’s your favorite John Hughes movie?  Mine is Ferris Bueller.  Hands down.

*  The insomnia is back in full force.  I think it’s time to see a doctor about it because it has never been this bad before.  I honestly cannot tell you the last time I had an uninterrupted night’s sleep or fell asleep within thirty minutes of going to bed.  It’s starting to mess with my diet, my temper, my short term memory, my diet, and just about everything.  After this, I’m taking a hot bath, drinking some calming tea, and trying to get to bed.

So off I go.  For more, go to Mrs. 4444. 🙂 And I super promise I’ll actually visit you this week.  For reals.


13 responses to “Fri Frag 8/7/09

  1. Wow – you have lots of fragments for us today! First off, great bumper sticker! And speaking of cats – I 100% believe that cats can read minds. Even thinking about getting white bedsheets will turn your bed into a cat magnet.

    I hope you can get rid of the insomnia. I have had my sleep disturbed long-term in the past, and it really does mess with EVERYTHING. Hugs to you! (And on a serious note – maybe kitty knows you’re not sleeping and that’s why the sudden cuddling? My cats, even the standoffish one, will hang around me if I’m not well.)

    About the Palm phone – wow. I have a Palm Pilot that is trying to die, and I’m doing daily CPR on it because I’m due for a new cellphone in 2 months and I want to ditch both the cellphone and Pilot and get a Palm Treo smartphone. (In other news, I just heard that someone named Neil something-or-other just landed on the moon!) Hope I’m not heading for disaster there.

    Now about the orchestra thing – hello, how silly! I’ve dealt with bosses like this. If someone is not secure enough to hear a differing opinion, then s/he probably isn’t going to be secure enough to discuss any actual issues with you. So sorry to hear about this *hugs*

    TGIF to you…I hope that the Towering Texas Inferno eases up a bit so you can enjoy the weekend.

  2. Sorry to hear about your boss. What a role model for how not to supervise.

    Insomnia is wicked. See the doctor. Try Ambien. Sleep well.

  3. You don’t have his back? What is it, a gang fight? Sheeesh. As a fellow-occasional-insomniac, if you find something that WORKS, let me know.

  4. Ugh! Sorry to hear about the orchestra thing – that person sounds so insecure…maybe it wasn’t that they didn’t think you ‘had their back’, but maybe they felt threatened that you’d do a much better job and get to keep it… 😉

    Cats are uncannily smart that way… 😉

    Hopefully your phone will hold out until it’s time to get a new one.

    Sorry about the inferno – hopefully Mother Nature will get her act together and give us all some much needed cooler weather and relief! 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  5. Well, be sure to visit Yaya, because she has found someone with excellent sleep remedies. I’d love to know if you try them.

    Entropy Report from my house: Cooktop stove, sump pump, cat. LOL

    Keep cool!~

  6. I just got an iphone and LOVE it!

    I go to acupuncture for my sleeping problems.

  7. Conductors can certainly be asses. I say this because I KNOW. He fits the description to a T. Ass. Are cellists as catty as flutists? If so, he’d really better watch his back, ’cause this will blow up on him. 😉
    What’s your cost for getting out of your contract early to get an iPhone? Today mine is $85, hoping to make it to Sept. 10th when it’ll be $75. And then I’m getting one. I’m tempted to go today. My phone AND my PDA are both dying a quick death and I’ve about had it.
    I agree with acupuncture for insomnia. I love my acupuncturist and will talk to him soon about the very likely probability that I have sleep apnea. Find one.

  8. erg. I’d be so tempted to quite the orchestra… but then what do you do? not have a place to play?

  9. I hope you can figure out something that will work for your insomnia, not sleeping really does mess everything else up!

    Cats have this extra sense that allows them to know exactly what you wish they wouldn’t do so that they can do it!

  10. Gah. That orchestra thing would really get me. I’d be steaming.

    It sounds like you are steaming. Or at least roasting. I hope the weahter eases up on you soon.

    Wishing you a good night’s sleep! (Or lots of them, really.)

  11. Ask for Ambien CR. But don’t take a pill until you are in bed for good that night. It’s amazing how hard and fast it hits, and you’re out for the night….
    But don’t take it for more than a month or you start getting dependent on it 😦
    It is great stuff though! Better living through chemistry 😉

  12. I’m 100% with you on Ferris. I was a wee bit old for all that other Teen Angst stuff. And too bad about the principal spot. I guess speaking your mind can work against you.

  13. I would actually consider putting that bumper sticker on my car. And, my favorite license plate ever was “entropy”.

    Sorry about the conductor.

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