Whale, I’ll be!

The scene:

Vacation Bible School in a suburb of Austin.  Our plucky heroine is giving a lesson on wells and why they are important.  There are many, many, many short people about.  In this group, the average age is about 7.

Mel:  Ok guys, is everyone having a good time?

Group:  YES!!!

Mel:  Who was here on Sunday? (a few kids raise their hands)  Ok, who can tell me what we talked about on Sunday?

Adorable little girl:  We talked about dirty water and the poor people in Africa who have to drink it and how they get sick and die and reallyreallyreally bad stuff like that and and how we need to help them and we’re gonna try and that’s really good because Jesus says we should help other people and we are and…

Mel:  Very good.  Now, did you know that there are stories about wells in the Bible? (silence from the peanut gallery).  I’m going to tell you a story about a woman and a well.  While I’m telling you the story, I want you to draw a picture in your mind and we’ll talk about it when I’m done telling the story.

Mel proceeds to tell the story of Jesus and the Samaratian woman at the well.

Mel:  Ok, what kind of well did you see in your mind?

Boy 1:  I saw Shamu!

Girl 1:  I saw Jonah!

Boy 2:  I saw a beluga!


Apparently some diction lessons are in order…


10 responses to “Whale, I’ll be!

  1. Beluga! That’s priceless.

  2. (i remember studying about the women going to the well stories in the old testament in a class on biblical narrative in college… about how it was a stock story and how the differences and similarities in them are so key… now if I could only remember the specifics and WHY… 😉

  3. Heeheehee! I was thinking about how that’s a whale of a tale, but PhD (above) beat me to it 😉 Thanks for the badly needed Monday giggle!

  4. I’m from Co – it’s an important piece of information to the following HILARIOUS anecdote.

    Peter and I were fixin to get married in Mobile, AL. His parents wanted to take us to dinner the night before, somewhere special. So we headed to dolphin island. I was so excited, dolphins! I didn’t know there were dolphins in AL, but there are in FL and that’s close so why not? Yay! dolphins. And then I saw the sign, Dauphin Island. There are no dolphins at Dauphin Island. I then explained that I thought we were going to dolphin island – everyone in the car said we are. I said no, we’re going to Dauphin Island. They’re like, yeah – dolphin island.

    Diction, it’s a funny thing.

  5. LMAO. That’s too funny! But ummm, I did just post about my whale watching tour on my blog. Pictures and all. Lol.

  6. Okay, I laughed out loud – literally – at your story, and then laughed AGAIN at Catherine’s story.

    Catherine, here in north Alabama, people say, Pacific-ly instead of specifically. Drives me freaking crazy. I swear one of these days when some haughty woman says, “Well, I wanted SAL-mon, pacific-ly” I’m going to ask her: Pacifically? You mean you wanted it wet or you wanted it to be west of here?

    Okay, so I’ll come up with something better when the time comes, but you know what I mean. Jeez. Dolphin Island.

  7. This is VERY funny!!! LOL

  8. Love the title, too, BTW.

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