Yo! It’s me again!

‘Sup dudes? Mel’s having another c-r-a-z-y week so she asked me to step in and update you.

Well, school is starting up again. Mel thinks that’s cool ’cause she’ll finally get some stuff done around here, but I am not happy. I miss my boy already. Yesterday when Thing 2 came home an hour and a half before my boy, I just about lost it. I had no idea they were on separate schedules now.

Mel’s got some other stuff going on, too, but she can’t say anything about it yet. I hate it when she gets all super secret and cryptic-y. Messes with my snuggles. All I know is that she’s getting her brows waxed today and trying to figure out how casual is too casual and how dressy is too dressy. Whatever that means. If that made any sense to you, drop her a comment and help her out, ‘k? I don’t know anything about that sort of thing because I just wear fur. And if it’s too much fur, I just shed a bit. Or more. Preferably on that new white comforter.

And the last thing is the Alpha Cat, or as Mel likes to call him, Spouse. I just call him “Sir”. He had a gallstone attack over the weekend and is still in discomfort and hasn’t been able to eat anything. Boy, do I remember what that is like. Anyway, then went to his doc yesterday, but apparently he isn’t worth the paper his diploma is on, so he’s seeing Mel’s doc today. There will probably be some surgery in the not too terribly distant future. Which is good for me, since he’ll be home and I can snuggle him. What? Cat snuggles are therapeutic. I’m doing him a favor.

Anyway, that’s all from Austin. More as events warrant. Chase out.


5 responses to “Yo! It’s me again!

  1. Ouch. Sorry about spouse. Mine had that surgery several years ago.

  2. Oh dear 😦 Best wishes to Alpha Cat/Spouse. That is no fun. I can personally attest to the healing and restorative powers of cat snuggles, esp. from black cats…they have special powers. Great, now I’m missing my Chase-Clone, aka Boy Cat.

    Now, to the dress code thingy…I think that in Austin, TX in August, only a sadist/lunatic would expect any female to wear a full suit, never mind hose (which I think were invented by the Devil anyway).

    Perhaps a nice, pressed button-down top and dress pants? Or a neat, professional but still comfortable short-sleeved dress? For a more casual look, keep the button-down top and don some neat, pressed khakis? Good luck!

  3. Here’s how tired I am right now; I thought the Alpha Cat really was a cat, and I’m thinking, “Cats have gallstone surgery?!? hahaha

    Thanks for your sweet comment today-I appreciate it! 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry he has to go through surgery. What’s worse is when you have to get a second opinion, because there isn’t much faith in the first doctor. Makes you wonder if the doc got his certification from a cracker jack box!

    Loved the post from the cat’s point of view – too cute!

  5. What is UP with the bum gallbladders lately? CG1 had hers out a couple of weeks ago, my friend in B’Ham is having hers our next week, and HER doctor told her that all he’s done lately is remove gallbladders. Which makes me as, “Um – WHY?” Is “gallbladder” the new “tonsils”? Is it our diets? Is it stress? What the hell is with the gallstone epidemic? Enquiring minds want to know!!!

    Re: Dress. My rule: Dress for work as normal (aka – Church Clothes). Business casual means you can substitute one piece of casual clothing for one piece of business clothing. Knit shirt instead of blouse, or sweater instead of jacket, or jeans instead of slacks – but still with the dressy top. Business formal is the same thing, only you substitute one sparkly thing for one business-y thing. Velvet jacket, sparkly sweater, shiny pants, fancy purse. One thing. And mo’ betta makeup. “Business Smart” – the new dress code from hell = regular work clothes, just all in black.

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