Wanted: blog posts

null set

I got nuthin.

I have the worst case of writer’s block.  I may need a writing enema if this continues.  I mean, it’s not as if there isn’t anything going on, it’s just not stuff I can/want to share at the moment.  At the same time, I miss writing.  Hence the quandry.

When I was making a comment on my BFF-if-I-only-lived-in-Boulder’s blog I was able to come up with something that approached witty.  And that gave me an idea.

I need writing prompts to get me out of this slump.  So give me something, ANYTHING, and I will write about it.  I promise.  Well, there is one subject I won’t talk about, and if you suggest that I’ll tell you and you can come up with something else.  Other than that, everything is fair game.

Bring it.


9 responses to “Wanted: blog posts

  1. Your bff if you lived in boulder?

    Totally stealing this from upper case woman, your favorite kids book

  2. Um, Tara over at If Mom Says Okay did a meme thing where she had five words, and she defined them on her blog. You might wat to check it out; she emailed me my five words today, so as soon as I get that up I will let you know and will give you your own five words if you want.

  3. keep that attitude and openness, Monday Missions return in just over a week. Hmmm… thinking of which… I need some ideas for that.

    Topic for you? hhmm… Oh! Did I ever suggest to you that you try the (as seen on TV) Smooth Away. Write about that. also, those crazy clothes that absorb tons of stuff… um… can’t remember what they’re called.

    Now when I see an ad for such things and wonder if they work I think “I want Melissa to try that!”

  4. we could play the “we all write the post game.”

    actually, there is no, “we all write the post” game, but we can make it up as we go along.

    sooo, tell us about the time you got drunk and then….


  5. I’m your “BFF-if-I-only-lived-in-Boulder?” Squeeeee!!!! : ) LOL! Move up here, chica…you’ll love the weather, it’s a scorching 64 degrees right now. And raining. I’ll need socks and a blankie soon.
    Topic. Hm. Dude, if I had one I’d be using it. I wrote another whiny tome today. Hm. Where you would love to live if you could. Hm. OH! Your Walter Mitty fantasy (may need to use that one myself). Your favorite quote and why. Favorite meal. Your road not taken. The contents of your navel. Coffee cake is neither coffee nor cake, discuss. 😉

  6. Well, your “Numb & Nutz” comment was some damn fine writing.

    Whenever I’m stuck, I do a list of something.

  7. Plinky.com has some great writing prompts….

  8. I’m always interested in how community Orchestra is coming along.

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