Property Inspection

“Ok, I think this is it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh yeah.  On three, we force the door, ok?  One, two, three!”

cough, cough, cough

“Wow!  It sure is dusty in here.  I didn’t know this could happen to a blog.”

“Yep, I’ve see this happen.  Perfectly good blogs gone to seed.  There might be some hope for this one, though.”

“You think?”

“Oh yeah.  This blog is just suffering from what I call Thumper Syndrome.”


“You know, Bambi’s friend?”

“From the bar?”

“No, dumbass, the movie.  The little rabbit with the big feet?”

“What does that have to do with a blog?”

“Well, I think this one has decided that if she can’t say anything nice she isn’t going to say anything at all.”

“Oh, I get it. What makes you think that?”

“Just a feeling.  Some forced positive posts.  A little angst in the posts that have come up recently.  And look here, she is commenting on other posts.”

“Hey, you’re right!  So now what do we do?”

“Well, we wait.”

“For how long?”

“Hmmm….I’m thinking oh, here’s something.  Check the Facebook statuses…”

“Shouldn’t that be ‘stati’?”

“What?  Oh, whatever.  Just check them, ok.”

“Oh, I see what you mean.  Right.  So, from the looks of that…”

“Yeah, I’m thinking by the end of this month.  Absolutely no later than October 18 we’ll see regular blogging again on this one.”

“Excellent!  Glad to see that it’s just a break. I miss the cat posts.  You’d think that she’d have had the cat make some more guest appearances.   He’s awesome.”

“Yeah, he is.  But he’s a cat.  He does what he does, ya know?”

“True enough.  So, now what?”

“Let’s clean up the place for her so it’s nice and pretty when she comes back.  I think she’d really like that.”

“Cool by me.  Think she’ll make us some cookies if we do?”

“Oh yeah. ”

Weirdness has ensued in my life, but it will all be over by October 18 at the absolute latest.  I’m ok, and things will be good after that point, but I just need to get the bad juju out of my life and then detox a bit.  And a pedicure.  🙂


6 responses to “Property Inspection

  1. Hoping things look up sooner. I hear you on the bad juju thing! ack.

    “He can call me Flower if he wants to”

  2. Clearly I need to try to remember what my facebook user name is so I can find out what is going on. Don’t worry about the blog; a little airing out and some elbow grease and all will be fine. Thinking of you.

  3. “From the bar?” ::snort::

    Bambi. From the Ba-Da-Bing.

    And, the whole “if you don’t have something nice to say”? If CG1 and I followed our mothers’ advice, we would NEVER post to our blog. Hell, all we do is bitch about people.

    I prefer the Alice Roosevelt version: If you can’t say something nice, then sit next to me.

  4. HAHAHA!!! Woot, I finally have my Mel fix 🙂 Sending all sorts of good vibes and juju your way, my friend.

  5. Hah!! I thought you were talking about the ridiculous things I’ve been posting rather than complain about the hubby!!
    Funny funny stuff, even if you are hiding deeper issues 🙂

  6. Ah. Same reason *I* haven’t been writing. At least I see you on FB. 😉

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