Friday Fragments 10/9/09

This week, it’s more of a collection of WTF’s than actual fragments.  Without further ado, here they are!

  • What is an “ado” anyway?
  • I like me some Barack, but this Nobel thing?  Really?  That’s a joke.  Not as bad as Kissinger, but still.  All this is going to do is make his life more difficult than it needs to be.
  • Golf is now an Olympic sport.  Women’s Softball isn’t.  Why?
  • We’re getting tons of rain in Austin.  Finally.  I won’t start complaining about it for another three weeks.  🙂
  • Still having trouble giving up Coke Zero.  I think there is some “secret ingredient” that makes it more difficult.
  • This week, my fourth grader was asked to come up with a word that starts with “ph”.  He chose “pharisee”.  An odd choice.
  • I thought nothing could be worse than living with a beginning violin player.  And then my older son started playing the tuba.  I am willing to loan them out to the CIA for interrogation purposes.  Prisoners will be begging for waterboarding then.
  • Just had a phone conference with the elder son’s teacher.  I had to relay the anecdote that the child figured out how to walk before he could stand up on his own.  The teacher agreed with me that it explained everything.

Ok, that’s all for now.  Time to get to work.  And I am working, but I can’t talk much about it yet, other than to say that I am working and my work environment is (so far) much more congenial.  Good perks, too. ;P

Check out Mrs.4444 for better stuff.  I am so not worthy this week.


11 responses to “Friday Fragments 10/9/09

  1. See, I think Pharisee is a GREAT choice. Better than, I don’t know, phonics? phone? Not too many to choose from.

    I am happy to find you more happily working; I hope this is just the right place for you, I really do.

  2. I’m laughing so hard at your loaning out your son and his tuba to the CIA!

  3. ‘ado’ is an odd word, isn’t it? 😉

    Very smart 4th grader!

    LOL on wanting to loan your tuba playing son to the CIA…hilarious!!

    Happy FF! 🙂

  4. I love your first three! Awesome fragments!!!

  5. Love this list. The PH word and the budding tuba/violin prodigies cracked me up!

  6. Glad you’re enjoying the job (as well as can be expected, I suppose.)

    Loved your fragment about the budding orchestra members-too funny!! Better you than me!

    I’ve been tempted to try CokeZero. Guess maybe I should not.
    Have a great weekend… 🙂

  7. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Hee! Pharisee? Neat word choice! And hmm…don’t tubas have some sort of muffling devices? I’m thinking of those cone-shaped things that trumpet players use for the mellow, jazzy sound…as distinct from the “marshalling the troops from 20 miles away” sound. The only thing I can think of that could possibly be worse, would be a beginning bagpipe student. Yeouch.

    Happy belated Friday! And yay for good work-related news!

  8. do you know the song that goes “I don’t wanna be a Pharisee, I don’t wanna be a Pharisee cuz they’re not fair you see, oooh-ahhh, I just wanna be a sheep baaa…”

  9. *saunters in*
    *ahem* Looking for Chapter 4…ummm, inquiring minds want to know what’s going on with Katie and Co.
    Hee! I know you have lots going on but I just wanted to pester you a bit!

  10. And again, Your Friday Fragments are speaking the way I think… what IS an ado?

  11. dontcha love those, “ah-haaaa” light bulb moments? total zen…at your kid’s expense.

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