Monday Mission

I really like the Monday Mission at my fellow Lutheran’s blog, the Painted Maypole.  I always think I am going to do them, and then I don’t.  Makes me feel bad.  But today, you are in luck (?) as the mission is to write your post in the form of a tanga or a nonet.  A nonet is a nine line poem that has a decreasing number of syllables in each line.  So, it’s 9,8…1. It’s supposed to be in iambic pentameter, but you’ll have to settle for blank verse.  So, here is my nonet:

I used to update my blog daily,

But then my life got so busy.

I really miss the outlet.

But I’ve nothing to say.

I hope that this week

will allow me

the time to

add some


And now I’m having formatting issues.  Oh well.  So, there ya go.  A nonet.  For better stuff, visit PM at her lovely site.


6 responses to “Monday Mission

  1. perfect.

    I always enjoy your posts

  2. I don’t know much about poetry but I know that describes me as well, too. Hope your week is excellent!

  3. i liked the layout, thought it was on purpose. 😉 And so glad you played along! yay!

  4. Wow. You have a gift for these things…I’m lucky if I can put together a coherent sentence 🙂

    *cough cough* How’s chapter 4 coming? HMM? *cough*

  5. I know the feeling. I’m doing the NaBloWriMo and am posting once a day for the month of October. My muse is going on brain blog freeze!

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