I am in need of a stiff drink and a peer group

Last week, for no apparant reason, I decided to re-read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Anyway, I’m at Costco today and as I’m walking past the book table (you have to walk past the book table, it’s the law), I see the new, yes new, installment of the series. It’s called And Another Thing, by Eoin Colfer. Yeah, the Artemis Fowl guy. Just struck me as a little creepy. (insert Twilight Zone music here)

Add Douglas Adams to my list of people who died way too soon.

Update:  QUICK!  Which book does my post title come from?


6 responses to “I am in need of a stiff drink and a peer group

  1. WTH? There is something VERY, very wrong with that.

    • Wrong with the title or wrong with the idea of continuing the series?

      The post title comes from one of the books. You’d think since I just re-read them, I’d remember which one, but I don’t. I think it’s the second one.

  2. criminy – now I need to add this to my list of books to read. Do you know how long that list is getting? And Artemis Fowl, what’s that?

  3. i thought your blog title came from my private journal

  4. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Nope, no clue on the post/book title here. I have heard great things about the Galaxy series though *sigh* Yet another book, or two, or ten on my must-read list.

  5. I *think* it’s from the first book, Ford Prefect. And, my God, if I’m right, I’m celebrating. LOL
    Now, off to the basement to get my collection, ’cause now I want to read them! 🙂

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