Be careful what you ask for…

Well, you know the rest.  I started tonight at a new orchestra.  And this one is a much more serious group than the other one.  In the other group, I’m used to having to carry the section.  In the new one?  I am so much the FNG.  But it will be a good challenge musically and I really need that right now.  I feel like I am stagnating a bit and need to stretch.  Just didn’t think it was going to be on a rack.

Good things about today:

The weather.  I’m tellin’ ya, Austin weather this time of year is the absolute best.  Almost makes me forget about those 65 consecutive 100+ days.  Almost.

No homework battles!  Again!  Woot!

My house sparkles today.  🙂

My back is mostly healed.  Didn’t have to take any pain meds or use any Biofreeze today.

I think I’ve figured out this project at work.  This is a good thing.

I am in such a good mood.  This positive thinking thing is really good.  Must keep it up.


See you tomorrow!


5 responses to “Be careful what you ask for…

  1. work? did I miss something? what’s the new job?

  2. I second Maypole’s emotion: What new yob? Elaborate, please. Seriously, please do it here – don’t make me go back and read all your old facebook posts. I’m beggin’ ya.

  3. What does FNG mean?

  4. New orchestra? I totally missed a memo, didn’t I?

  5. Went to see the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra last night with Ellie. It was great. Probably my favorite part (other than the music) was the awesome conductor who was really into it – used practically his whole body to invoke the sound from the musicians. Very fun. And Ellie might see if she can try out for it.

    Back to research…

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