Playing Chicken

I’ve noticed a trend recently with parents in our circle.   When it comes to volunteering, we’ve all started playing chicken.

Take this week, for example.  Yesterday, we got an email from the GT teacher at our school saying that the Destination Imagination team my son is on lost its manager.  The original manager was another teacher at the school and she realized that there was no way she could take this on.  Fair enough.  So the email went out saying that unless we got another manager, the team would have to fold.

And here is where the chicken starts.  Which parent is going to blink?  The responses start coming in.  One parent has three other children all under the age of 6, so she can’t possibly do this.  Another parent works from 8-6, so she can’t do it.  One just had a baby (ok, this one gets a free pass in my book).  So, with the very real possibility of the team folding on the line, it came down to me and one other parent.


It just struck me as odd that each of these parents said in their email how important it was for them to have their child participate in this program, and gosh wouldn’t it be a shame if no one could do this, and yet none of them would step up.  Granted, I don’t have a “job”, but I am plenty busy right now thankyouverymuch.  This really makes my plate so much fuller than it should be.  I’m barely managing as it is.  But it is important for me to have Thing 2 participate in this, so I’ll figure it out. I always do.  I’m just tired of being the one who always blinks.



Good things:

1.  THE COKE ZERO CRAVING IS GONE!  I may have finally gotten off of soda.  Yay me!  Of course, now I’m drinking coffee and tea like a fiend.  Baby steps.  Baby steps.

2.  I have gotten a handle on the new music.  I don’t think I’ll totally embarrass myself tomorrow at rehearsal.  I hope.

3.  Did some great work today.  Very pleased with myself.

4.  Going to try kickboxing tomorrow.  But don’t worry, I plan on taking it very easy.  Don’t want to push it, but I want to get back in the habit of working out again.


4 responses to “Playing Chicken

  1. ha. this game is usually played at my church, for me, anyways.

  2. The world continues because of people like you…

  3. I always seem to blink too. Or maybe it is that I use that one word. You know. it has an n and an o. What is it again?

  4. I’ve figured out that I lose the game (which I did last night at Scouts…sigh…), it’s because I either REALLY believe in whateveritis, or because such complete incompetence exists that I must jump in to help. The latter was the reason last night.

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