Sorry, I’m just a little ball of annoyance today…

Hard to be positive today. Just had a total blow up with Thing 1 over homework. So much for that. Sigh…But we have our eval appointment next week, so I’m hoping for some answers. I’m annoyed because there are people on my street who already have their Christmas lights up. I’m annoyed because I botched playing for my conductor tonight. I’m annoyed that I let Thing 1 push my buttons. Basically, this day has just not gone well.

So, can I salvage the day? I’m not sure. There’s a whole hour of it left. We’ll see…


5 responses to “Sorry, I’m just a little ball of annoyance today…

  1. Their Christmas lights are up already?!? WTF

    • Yeah, I know. So instead of filling me with cheer, it just annoyed the everlovincrap out of me. Sigh….And today isn’t shaping up much better, either. There may have to be liberal amounts of alcohol at the far end of this one…

  2. Those people with the lights up? The devil. Because it annoys the crap out of me, too, especially since it isn’t even thanksgiving yet! Grrr….hope today is better for you!

  3. margaret (the misanthrope)

    Oh, my friend 😦 Sorry about the blowup, and about the premature Christmasness. That makes me nuts too. After Thanksgiving, have at it as far as I’m concerned, but before? Nuh-uh.

    And I’m sorry to hear that the music didn’t go so well. But – I am sure that the conductor can see what the rest of us can – your wonderful gifts and talents, that far outshine the occasional bum note. (And if s/he can’t see it, then you don’t want to play there anyway.)

    Big hugs to you, here’s hoping for a better day for you!

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