Monday Mission 11/23/09

What was I

Even thinking

Back when I said

Everyone should

Learn the Art Badge at

Our house?

This week’s mission was to make your post in the form of an acrostic poem.  For much better examples of the breed, check out Painted Maypole

For those not in the know, a Webelo is a Cub Scout, usually in fourth or fifth grade, who is making the transition to Boy Scouts.  There are many of them at my house right now.  At this moment, they are taking a break on the trampoline.  Perhaps I should end this before they break each other…


5 responses to “Monday Mission 11/23/09

  1. Wow. Good luck. And thanks for playing!

  2. been there, done that, good luck! –no really I really loved cub scouts. It’s great for boys.

  3. Wow. You should be first in line for a Bravery Badge!! And fabulous poem, as usual!

  4. Just catching up on friends’ NaBloPoMo posts – here’s a comment!

    Comment, comment, comment!

    PS – Yeah, you Krazy!

  5. Since you haven’t posted in a week, I am beginning to fear the Weblos did you in.

    Mel? Are you okay, Mel? Speak to us, oh wise one!

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