I have no one to blame but myself


About this time of year, bloggers with small children talk about Santa and whether or not they have their kids believe and when they should tell them.  Some don’t even begin the charade.  Others let it die it’s natural death.  But everyone seems to have some sort of story involving stress and trauma about “finding out the truth”.

A few years back, I wrote this post, telling all about how I helped keep Santa alive in our home.  We went to some pretty serious lengths to make this happen.  I used modern technology to explain how Santa can do all of this.  I even went so far as to say that there wasn’t a “Santa”, but more like a Santa, Inc., with the Big Guy as the head.  Our packages?  Showed up under the tree with bar coding.

For a while, it was cute.  The kids would come up with ways to “catch” Santa.  Last year, they were even talking about doing some Santa CSI by dusting his glass of milk for prints.  I pointed out that it probably wouldn’t work since Santa usually wore gloves.  But now I’m in a bit of a quandry.  Do they still believe?  It’s not like you want to start off the conversation with “Hey! Do you believe in Santa?” because you know where that one ends.  And I wouldn’t worry so much, except Thing 2 lives in a fantasy world.  He’s always coming up with these amazing ideas and faraway places, so that to him, Santa isn’t all that much of a stretch.  Then there’s the flip side.  Are they just playing along because they think we want them to?  You know, humor the ‘rents?

So that’s the tension in my house this year.  In addition to all of the normal holiday baggage, we have the Santa Issue.  Spouse has told me in no uncertain terms that I am to do nothing that will make the kids think that there isn’t a Santa until they come to the conclusion on their own.  But maybe I’ve done too good of a job…

I’ve looked, but I can’t find proper annotation for this pic.  So if you know it, let me know.  And I apologize if it’s yours.  But it’s not like I’m the Huffington Post or anything making a sh&@ton of money off of this blog.  Any infringement is purely accidental.

7 responses to “I have no one to blame but myself

  1. Santa CSI. heh-heh-heh!

    So I think it would be a hoot if you just kept doing this until your kids are completely grown. At some point, yeah, they’re going to know better and just go along with it to make you happy, but then they can bond over “fooling mom.” I think that’d be totally cool.

  2. Maybe they are humoring you, but you’ll disrupt the space-time continuum if you don’t keep it up. BTW, if they do ask that ominous questions, here’s a great post which will explain it with justice:


  3. Ugh, my comment got eaten… Maybe you can dig it out of the wordpress filter.

  4. I think I need to steal that photo, too-because the stress of it all is killing me. 🙂

  5. There are three things I dread discussing with A. Sex, 9/11, and Santa. All three are going to be rough, just don’t know which one would be worse.

  6. I played Santa for the Raleigh Twins club once. I was shocked at how many kids came up to me and said ‘yeah, yeah, just give me the present’. And a whole group of kids wouldn’t come near me. The mom’s enjoyed getting their picture with Santa though…

  7. that kid looks an awful lot like my cousin did, but well before the year 2000

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