Greetings fellow bloggers!  I’m back participating in the Friday Fragments!  Did you miss me?


Right.  Well then.  Here are some snippets of life that I’d like to remark on but are too busy playing on Facebook don’t have time to make a whole post about:

**I love the instructions on the Ugly Mug Hot Chocolate:  “Add one scoop of mix to 7 oz of hot milk or water.  That’s all we’re giving you.”

**I’ve started using my crock pot a lot.  I have really fallen in love with this thing.  I don’t even put it away anymore, it just sits on the counter now, waiting to get used.  A woman should not be this attached to an appliance if it doesn’t have batteries.

**I am a pretty good cook, but there are some things that I am not allowed to make because not only do I not cook them well, I render them inedible.  Eggplant would be one of them.  We can now add meringues to the list.  That.Did.Not.Go.Well.  And I ruined a cookie sheet in the process.

**I haven’t seen many good bumper stickers lately.  The best I can give you is Agnew/Cheney.  There was this sign I saw at a church yesterday:  “Don’t let your next ride to church be in a hearse!”

**I still cannot believe how fast this year has just flown by.  Very scary.  I am not ready for it to be 2010 AT ALL.

**If my wonderful and loving spouse (who is the most fantastic person in the world and puts up with all of my shit and loves me anyway) gets me what I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally want for Christmas, how is he going to wrap it or put it under the tree?  Or even hide it from me?  No, it’s not a car or kitchen appliance (with or without batteries), but it is large and awkward.  But he’s pretty creative, so I look forward to seeing how he pulls this off.  If he pulls this off.  But since he’s so wonderful and fantastic and is amazing in every way, I’m sure he will.  Why yes, he reads the blog.  Why do you ask? 🙂

Ok, I guess that’s enough for me.  Have a great Christmas everyone!  For more fragmenters, visit Mrs. 4444!


8 responses to “FriFrags!

  1. LMAO@ A woman should not be this attached to an appliance if it doesn’t have batteries.

    OMGosh sooo funny!

    I enjoyed your FF

  2. Take heart; eggplant isn’t edible no matter who makes it. And bah, merengues are totally overrated, I promise you.

  3. For your hubby: a scavanger hunt that leads to a friends house?

  4. You have to peel the eggplant!
    And you want a new vacuum too? LOL

  5. I love the instructions on the Ugly Mug Hot Chocolate! Too funny!

    I love using my crock pot, especially this time of year – in fact, I have beef stew slowly cooking today, since it seems like the perfect dinner for a snowy day! 🙂

    I agree with Kori – I’m not an eggplant fan and meringues are totally overrated. 😉

    This year HAS flown by fast. Too fast!

    I’m intrigued by what it is you reallyreallyreallyreallyreally want for Christmas – I like Painted Maypole’s suggestion of a scavenger hunt leading to the ‘prize’! 🙂

    Happy FF a day late! 🙂

  6. We use our crock pot all the time now. I’m not a huge meat eater – but I love stew. Something about boiled meat… Go figure.

  7. What. Are you kidding? My crockpot is way above on my list than any appliance with batteries. I think the ONLY appliance I love more tham my crockpot is the microwave. . . It makes popcorn.

  8. Welcome back to FF, Mel!!

    I hope you got what you wanted from your hubby 🙂

    Here’s a little present for you and your crockpot:

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