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What’s your sign?

funny signs - What?

No, I’m not dead.  Not even a little ill.  I can’t even claim to be overly busy.  Just not inspired to do much here lately.   But I thought I would do something so that my one remaining reader doesn’t get too worried about me.


Getting some scratch in the game….

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I am a Longhorn. I have also been known to watch a game or two involving my alma mater. Unless you have been under a rock, you know the Longhorn football team will be playing in a game of some significance Thursday evening.

They will be playing against some other school from some backwater state with little or nothing else going for it. The only redeeming qualities I see from this state are my blog buddies, City Girl and Country Girl. Who, by the way, are far funnier and more talented than I.

I see the potential to make this interesting. What do you say ladies?