What’s your sign?

funny signs - What?

No, I’m not dead.  Not even a little ill.  I can’t even claim to be overly busy.  Just not inspired to do much here lately.   But I thought I would do something so that my one remaining reader doesn’t get too worried about me.


10 responses to “What’s your sign?

  1. Hmmm, which reader is that?
    Weird sign though. Under what circumstances would someone ever think that sign would be useful?

  2. I kinda love that sign. It has a sort of “ceci n’est pas une pipe” sort of feel to it. And clearly, what road signs need is more surrealism.

  3. Alejna nailed. This is not a sign.

  4. That is quite funny, actually-and I am glad you are alive; this is a good thing, right?

  5. i think “construction zone” is my sign at the moment.

  6. That’s funny and the sign photo you found is perfect.
    Looks like you have more than 1 remaining reader and when the rest of us manage to find a little time to ourselves, this number will probably grow!

  7. Happy Alive-ness, Sister!

    So, we have an office in Austin – my boss and his boss work there – and they’ve been telling me the weather is so bad they actually MISS the heat.

    Maybe you’re suffering from SAD? You need some sun to get you motivated! I propose a trip to Cancun. You in? :o)

  8. I don’t believe you any more. I think you are dead. If you’re not, prove it. 😉

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