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The list of things I have decided not to blog about

1.  My mother.

2.  My mother-in-law.

3.  Negative things at work or in groups I am involved in.  Although I see a lot of funny at work and orchestra and church and I will gladly share that with you with all the pertinent details changed.

4.  Knee jerk political discussions.  Well thought out discussions are more than acceptable.

5.  Memes.  This is now a meme free zone.  Unless it’s a really good writing exercise type meme, then I may reconsider.

All of these, except the memes, have gotten me in into majormajormajor trouble in the past.  No more.  Memes are generally pretty lazy.  There are some good ones out there, so I do reserve the right to do one if it is worth it, but I’m not going to make it a regular thing.  Of course if I really have to vent, I do reserve the right to a password protected post.

Things I will blog about:

1.  DIY projects that I do.

2.  What it’s like having my amazing kids under my roof.  Both the good and the bad.

3.  My cello.

4.  Starting a career at almostforty.

5.  Growing in this life with my best friend and husband.  Who, fortunately for me, happen to be the same person.

6.  How current events/politics are affecting the decisions I make in my life.

7.  Anything else that isn’t excluded by the first list.


Today’s post is a response to “31 Days to Build a Better Blog”.

Today’s task is to write a list post. The purpose of a list post is to provide your readers with information that is easy to read and spread.

Key Concepts:

  • Lists are popular for bloggers who want the message to go viral.
  • There are a variety of ways of incorporating lists into your blog.
  • Lists break down the complicated.
  • Lists are easy to read.

Question 1: Have you considered list posts as a way to create meaningful content in the past?

Yes, although they usually end up being silly.  Today, I’m using it to build on yesterday’s elevator pitch idea.  By stating what I will and will not write about, I think that I can stay focused and keep things going a little better.

Question 2: What do you like about reading and writing list posts?

They are short and sweet and to the point.  And sometimes they even make me think.


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