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Vacation Prep Haiku

Haiku Friday

Summer’s almost done.
School supplies already bought.
Things are winding down.

New school for this year.
Hope things will be better there.
Crossing my fingers.

But before all that,
We’re going to Florida!
Good times await us.

First we’ll hit the beach.
Then we’ll see the space center.
Big Cat Rescue next.

After that, DISNEY!
Epcot and Magic Kingdom.
Maybe Animals.

Getting excited!
Good time will be had by all.
Best summer ever!

So that’s the summary of our trip next week. Fly into Orlando, drive to Cape Canaveral, drive to Tampa, then back to Orlando. And gas? Well, the hotel I booked in Orlando gave us gas cards with the reservation thankyouverymuch! I’m a serious bargain hunter when it comes to things like this. I also downloaded that Disneyworld Insider guide and I have learned enough to more than pay for the $20 I spent on it. Now, I just have to finish the project I’ve got going on here (isn’t there always a project?) and get packed and …..away we go!


Friday Haiku 7/18/08

Haiku Friday

A confused peacock
Fell in love with my blue car.
But he’s not her type.

Tried to shoo away.
He kept coming back for more.
Could not take a hint.

Ten minutes later
With some help from passers by
At last could go home.

I took this on the last day of art camp a few weeks ago. There are peacocks roaming the grounds and it appears that one of them took a shine to my vehicle. In a big way. Other people told me he had been hanging out by my car the entire time it was parked there. He was a persistent little cuss, too. I hope he’s gotten over us. 🙂

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Friday Haiku 7/11/08

Haiku Friday

Hello, bloggy friends!
I am not a good blogger.
Yes, I know it’s true.

People visit me.
I try to visit them back.
Usually just once.

And why is that, friends?
Because until yesterday
Did not use Reader.

But now I have it
On my iGoogle homepage
And it’s about time.

And Reader Mobile?
Is going to be so cool.
New addiction here.

Building up my list.
Looking forward to keeping up
With all of you!

Looking for other Haiku? You know, ones that are written by people that will actually go back to your site in a timely manner and comment and stuff? Not that I won’t, I will, but it will probably be like Tuesday or something like that since I still have a few more cabinets to finish and want to finish that this weekend. See what I mean? Bad Bloggy friend am I! Was there a point here? Oh yeah! Check out A Mommy Story and Playgroups are no Place for Children for more Haiku!

Friday Haiku 7/4/08

Haiku Friday

USA B’day.
What a country we live in.
Must appreciate.

We are not perfect.
Many things I’d like to change.
But do you know what?

We live in a place
Where there can really be change.
That is so special.

So, celebrate well.
Greatest country on the earth.
Bless the USA.

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Friday Haiku 6/27/08

Haiku Friday

When was the last time
I mentioned how wicked cool
My SIL is?

Well, she is. And why?
She will take care of my kids
While we go have fun.

We’re off to Carmel*
Fifteenth Anniversary.
Going to have fun!

So, see you next week!
Will not post ’til I get back.
Catch up with you then.

*Actually, we’re staying in Monterey. But they are really close together, and Monterey was causing syllable problems, so there ya go. Either way, I’m leaving town today and won’t be back until next week. See ya!

Haiku Friday 6/20/08

Haiku Friday

Here is the before.
Time to give it a new look.
Tell me what you think.

Wish this was after.
It is more like a during.
Have more to finish.

But as you can see
The final result will rock
When I am finished.

But as usual
These projects tend to mushroom.
Fridge and stove don’t match.

Those will have to wait
Until next Home Depot sale.
Later in the year.

But micro is new
Happy day for me!

My newer reader
May not know dishwasher tale.
So read this and this.

Friday Haiku 6/13/08

Haiku Friday

Haven’t blogged this week.
Got involved in DIY
Takes up all my time.

Should be done next week.
Before and after shots soon.
It should turn out well.

What am I doing?
Well, I’ll give you a small hint:
Talk about it here.

AND…Bonus Haiku! The weekly theme: hair.

Oh, the frizz, the frizz.
Mats up like an unbrushed cat.
Not a sexy look.

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