Daily Archives: June 23, 2008

Who wants to be my 5,000th visitor?

As of right now, I have had 4,998 visitors. I know, that pales in comparison to some of you out there, but considering the amount of time I put into this blog (ie, not a lot), it’s kind of cool.

So comment and I can do something to recognize you! Not sure what yet, but I’ll come up with something.


Whatever happened to Muzak?

Remember that? That blandly inoffensive music that would accompany you while you shopped or rode in vertical transport vehicles? It seems to be gone. Not entirely, I mean the Muzak company still exists and they still sell background music, but what is considered background music these days seems a little odd. At least to me anyway.

When I was walking into my local grocery store today, I was welcomed by the dulcet tones of Billy Idol singing “Rebel Yell”. In the past I have heard Warren Zevon, the Killers, Aerosmith (who seems to be the champion of selling out btw), and Rush, just to name a tiny few.

Granted, I like the more modern soundtracks. It is fun to be bopping through the store singing some of my favorite songs. On more than one occasion I have been busted while performing my own rendition of “Walking on Sunshine” or “Take On Me”. But there are days when I hear some pretty hard stuff and all I can think of is how the mighty have fallen. One day, blasting out the amps in 50,000 seat arenas. The next, getting interrupted by “clean-up in aisle 1!”.

But I guess they’re getting royalty payments out of the deal, so I shouldn’t feel so bad for them.