Resolved: Thursday Thirteen

Happy TT everyone! Well, it’s after Christmas and we’re approaching the New Year. So you know what that means, right? The dreaded Resolutions. These aren’t so much resolutions as realizations. Mainly realizing that I am rapidly approaching middle age and I need to make a few changes. So, this week’s theme is: Thirteen things I will do next year (actually, starting now because why wait?) to be healthier.

1. Drink more water and less soda. Pretty obvious there.
2. Be better about taking my vitamins.
3. See a dentist more regularly. I’ve been blessed with really strong teeth, so I’m not as careful as I should be. This needs to change.
4. Refine my workout. It’s not as effective or as fun, so a little shake-up is in order.
5. Get better sleep habits. Need to cut back on the night owl a bit, especially since I can’t make up for it during the day.
6. Eat a larger breakfast and a smaller lunch. More protein at breakfast will be helpful.
7. Pay closer attention to portion sizes.
8. Stop eating after 8, unless it’s a rehearsal night, then a light fruit snack.
9. More fruit and vegetables, and salad doesn’t count.
10. Get my moles checked out. No reason, just a good idea in general as I have never had it done before.
11. Keep my regular physical exam. Don’t need a mammogram this year, but I do need to check all the other stuff.
12. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s almost all small stuff.
13. Encourage my spouse to do all of the above.

So, what plans do you have? What’s your TT? Play along here.


13 responses to “Resolved: Thursday Thirteen

  1. Great list! Some of those things I would like to do as well. I am doing TT as well, check it out if you would like.

    Happy TT!

  2. Good list. There is advice there we all should take.

  3. Inspiring list ~

    My TT is my wish for my fellow TTeners, bloggers, friends, and family.

    Peace in 2008!

  4. Great plans! I’m with ya on the drink more water.

    What else?

    I need to be more physically active. Maybe I can join an African Dance class like I used to do when I was younger. Being a writer one of my worst habits is too much time sitting at the computer. After that, is the issue with forgetting to eat. People might think that’d make me loose weight, but it just messes up you metb. I’m thinking about trying juicing.

    Happy TT

  5. Add to this: go easy on yourself!

  6. Those are a great TT. I’m with you on #5, 7,11,12,13. Good luck with getting there 🙂

  7. Open Grove Claudia

    There’s a lot of great self care strategies here. I like that you are very specific about what you want to do. Good luck!

    Happy TT!

  8. Wait – Why doesn’t salad count?!?

  9. Every year I make the same resolutions: eat less, exercise more, dress better. Every year…

  10. I especially like #12. I need to remember that.

  11. Yikes, if salad doesn’t count, I’m in trouble.

  12. Ok guys, the only reason salad doesn’t count is because I don’t get any variety from it. I eat lots of salad, but I need to be eating more colors, if that makes sense. There’s a great world of veggies and fruits out there and I need to branch out a bit.

  13. Hi Melissa – I missed your T-13 yesterday somehow, but in checking Google Reader today I saw it … so I’m just a day late. Your list seems sensible and makes me think I could consider similar resolutions even though I gave up the practice decades ago. If I “borrowed #1-3, 7 and 9 I’d be better off. I already practice 6, 7, and 12 but would be better off if I got myself to the gym more consistently instead of relying on my walks with Molly for exercise. I’ll think about it all … perhaps. I hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations.
    Hugs and blessings,

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